Signs Your Girlfriend Is Taking Advantage of You

When a man likes a girl, he would want to go over sea and mountains for her. Some girls have found this and have located themselves to take complete benefit of it. Unluckily, most guys are not alert of this. If you are in relationship, here are best ways of discovering this for yourself.

She does not truly care about you

When a girl likes a guy, she wants to tell him everything that is occurring with her and also wants to know what occurring with him. If your partner does not show attention in hearing about what is going on with that that is a really bad. Rather than know about your achievement with life, she engages herself with telling you about her family issues or needs, you truly need to think twice.

She uses sex as a bargaining chip

It is up to the 2 of you to decide whether to have sex or abstain. The issue here is if she utilizes sex as a tool for give and take. She understands most boy will make a plan based on what lies between their legs instead of what is in their head. If she deprives you of confidence you just to have her way, it is obvious that she is try to take benefit of you.

You have a wish to gain her approval

A women’s wish is what her man should have and not try to earn. If you feel the need to get her to like anything you approve or do of who you are, then you should be alert. If your girlfriend discovers this wish in you, she is supposed to support you address it by telling you she approves of you unconditionally. If she does not but instead feeds that wish, you are not her enthusiast but her employee who is trying solid to earn her approval.

She cancels plans with you frequently

If she is found of terminating any plans that you both have made and does so without any reason, watch it. No one who likes you will keep you falling like that. “But she provides excuses why she could not make a plan. Those causes are justifications, and she provides you because you need something to relax yourself with. The focus and time she is hungry you of is what a big shot gets with ease.