Why Should You Clean Grease Trap?

Being a restaurant owner, it is your job to serve delicious food. It also needs to ensure that the kitchen area in your restaurant should be clean and follow all the health and safety norms. Grease trap cleaning is an essential component of the drainage system in your restaurant. It cuts off the Fats, Oils and Grease to enter into the sewer system.

Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

The accumulation of grease causes obstruction in the proper flow of the waste through the sewer pipes and it also interferes with the normal wastewater treatment system. If the grease trap is not maintained properly, the problem starts rising in proper grease removal.

Grease Trap Maintenance

The restaurant establishment has to carry out the grease trap cleaning periodically, in order to ensure that the cooking process is not interrupted and customers are served without any interruption. Cleaning the grease before it enters into the sewer line is the best possible way to make the cleaning  cost-effective.

The back-ups of the waste can occur when the sewage lines are continually clogged with the fat, oil and grease (FOG). Normal sanitary waste does not cause much difficulty, but FOG waste starts accumulating on the sewer walls that cause obstruction in the proper sewage system.

Grease trap is a container found beneath the sink. Its primary function is to break up the grease, oil and other solid waste entering into the main sewer line. The proper cleaning of the grease trap can keep you away from odd odors, spill-over and pump-outs.

If you ignore and does not pay attention to the grease trap cleaning, it can further cause severe problems, including sewage spill, overflowing of manholes, property damage, environmental problems, causing health hazards.

It is important to mention that you should not use the caustic, chemical solvents, hot water or emulsifying solutions for cleaning the grease trap.

How Quickly I Have to Clean the Grease Trap?

How quickly you have to schedule next cleaning depends upon the grease which is accumulating in the trap. If you are running a restaurant that involves the heavy usage of the grease trap, it may require to clean the trap two times in a week’s time, which can ensure that trap is fully functional.

If you are looking to clean the trap of the kitchen in your home, you can get it clean in a month. It also needs to monitor in regular interval whether it is working properly else the blockage of the waste in the sewage line can make the problem worse.

When Cleaning is Required

If the grease has got accumulated up to the point where the grease trap has stopped working, it’s the time when you need to clean it. Proper disposal of the grease can also work towards the efficient functioning of the restaurant or kitchen.

The grease trap cleaning is a tedious job and you cannot do it by self. You can hire a professional grease trap cleaning company to do the cleaning thoroughly. The cleaning and maintenance tasks of the grease trap should be given to a licensed grease trap cleaning services that can make you sure that your cooking process of your kitchen does not interrupt.

Roles of Finance in Different Identities

The term ‘finance’ has a wider concept that includes the science of managing the funds. It plays an important role in regular activities of an individual as well as a business. Finance can be categorized into various forms depending upon the area where it is being implemented. It includes business, personal and public finance and lending, borrowing and savings are also part of it. It plays a pivotal role in different sectors. Let’s find out what role finance plays in the following.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is related to all the financial decisions that a corporate identity takes and it includes analysis of credit, investments, procuring assets or selling them. Main aim of corporate finance is to manage the risks that area associated with investing in particular project and thus helping in maximizing the corporate value.

Apart from that, corporate finance also deals with long-term and short-terms financial decisions and its implication on the growth of business. Taxation, dividend to equity shareholders are all considered to be important aspect of corporate finance.


Other than corporate, finance has also important role in other type of business that includes sole proprietorship. It is considered as the blood of business that keeps the business rolling. Irrespective of the size of the business, finance plays an important role right from its incorporation to day to day activities. Even while expanding the business, first financial decisions are to be taken that whether the expansion can be funded or not and whether it will be profitable for the business or not.

Personal Finance

Yes, finance also plays an important role in the personal life of an individual too. As an individual when you start earning it becomes important that you plan your finances properly so that you can invest in right way that will provide you financial stability. There are different types of investments that can be done and one who manages these investments and other financial aspects of their lives can manage their life properly.

While investing at any long term asset financial planning is necessary to find out if it will be beneficial in long run. All these things are to be considered and nothing is without finance. So, finance plays important role in individual’s personal life too.

Thus, whether it’s a small business, a corporate or an individual when something has identity, finance is playing some or other role to maintain that identity. It is the lubricant that keeps all the wheels running smoothly.