Into the Water: Mystery Continues…

After bestseller ‘The Girl On The Train’ Paula Hawkins come with a new novel ‘Into the Water. A single mother found dead at the bottom of the river, and then another teenager met the same fate….they are not the first ones to die into the water. There is a mystery behind death of women into the river. There is mystery in death…. there is mystery in river…and there is mystery in water. The river has history, and many secrets are submerged into the river.

In this book, a struggle of 15 year old teenage girl is depicted by the writer after her mother’s sudden death. Friendless and parentless girl is kept under the care of her mother’s sister. She is a total stranger to the teenager, and she never wanted to come back to the place…. because she knows something….she experienced something….she is afraid…..and she doesn’t want to get through everything all over again….!

Review: Hawkins has beautifully written this mystery novel. She knows how to play with words. Readers literally drown into the magical world of this book. Book is interesting to read, and keep the interest of the readers alive till the end. The unexpected twists and the suspense part make this book even more interesting. The emotions, stress, drama and fear is beautifully explained in the book. However, some part sequences in the end seem contradicting to the storyline, but it’s ok. Readers can digest these things in fantasy and si-fi novels.

Into the Water is only for mature readers. It is not as good as Girl in the Train, but a gift for Paula Hawkins fans. If this book is not a prize, it is not disappointment as well. People who love reading mystery and thriller can read Into the water, and drown into the mysterious world on ‘Into the water’. It is one time read, and you can even expect a movie or drama on the novel.

Rating: I would like to give 3.5 Stars. After reading The Girl on Train, I was expecting a lot from Into the water. Hawkins previous book has raised the bars so much. Into the water is not bad, but not as good as the The Girl on Train.

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