The proper education as the key to success – teacher should be loved

It all starts with education. A school is a place where the knowledge is acquired, a degree is our way of a better life. To be a complete personality, the man, except the knowledge that he needs over a lifetime, it’s necessary to have a moral and spiritual values.

In this article, we will point out the important aspects of the relationship of teachers and parents to a student that are necessary in order to create a young man in the best way possible and sending him to the track usable to the community.

Motivate them to work

The teacher is a pillar of society. He is the one who shapes brains and behavior of the new generations. It’s a sacred duty and should not be lightly understood. Many become teachers today, but they don’t behave decently to a duty. Many of us will remember our teachers and professors we thought that they don’t like us because they giving us the poor grades. In order to avoid this, teachers must follow the principles and ideas of relations professor – student to act positively on his desire to acquire knowledge.

Children need the explanation of what are the common goals, behavior towards each other, they should be used to encourage each other, and not to quarreling. Children should be motivated to work, to live, to good behavior and love to each other. The student who learns and behaves well should be praised in front of everyone to increase his motivation and self-confidence. The student who doesn’t understand or didn’t learn the material well, should not be criticized in front of others, because others will have a low opinion of him, and it will spoil his opinion of himself.

The model for their students

The professor in every sense should be an example to his students in dressing, behavior, and speech because he was a person who spends with them the important life period having a significant impact on their development. The teacher has to devote 100 percent of yourself to these children to show them the right path because it’s required by the profession’s ethics he chose. The teacher should not look at the profession only as the material aspect because the transfer of knowledge to others and build of the new personalities is more valuable than any fees. The teacher must try to be loved by children, should become a part of them in order the children to see that he take the care of them.