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Some lesser known vaping facts



Are you planning to kick your smoking habit? If yes, then you have probably already thought of starting to vape. But before you go ahead and buy a 510 threaded battery vape, we think that it is important for you to know some vaping facts.

Basically, the more you know about vapes before buying one, the better decisions you will be able to make. And this is the main reason why we are writing this article for you.

Indeed, quitting smoking is a great decision. If you are planning to quit smoking, then you are certainly on the right track.

So now, let us look at some basic facts about vaping that we believe everybody should know.

Some basic facts about vaping

There was a time when vaping was very new to the market. At that time, not many people understood the concept of vaping. However, today, vaping is extremely common, especially among the young people.

Yet some people still prefer to continue smoking because they do not get the same level of satisfaction from vaping. For such people, we would like to mention that many e-juices in vapes also come with nicotine.

Since it is nicotine that gets them hooked to the cigarettes, switching to nicotine filled vapes is at least going to be slightly better than cigarette smoke.

But before you start, take a look at the following facts:

Vaping is less harmful but not completely

There was a time when vapes were being marketed as the healthy alternative. Well that was wrong. Vapes are not healthy, but they are certainly better in comparison to cigarettes.

For instance, vape smoke contain certain chemicals too. However, there is no doubt that these chemicals are lesser in number as compared to the traditional cigarettes. And hence, vaping is better than cigarette smoking in many ways.

Vaping may still be bad for lungs and heart

The main agent in cigarettes and vapes both is nicotine. This substance is highly addictive. And this is exactly what causes you to suffer the symptoms of withdrawal and to crave the smoke.

Overall, nicotine is toxic for the blood as it increases adrenaline and spikes up your blood pressure. As a result of this, your heart rate also increases which itself increases the likelihood of heart diseases and heart attack.

Electronic cigarettes are addictive too

Again, the main component present in electronic cigarettes is nicotine. Hence, it can easily get you hooked to electronic cigarettes too. So just because you are not smoking a regular cigarette does not mean that you cannot be addicted to a vape or an electronic cigarette.

They are not the best took to quit smoking

For as long as you are using nicotine filled e-juices, vapes are not going to help your smoking habit. They may only be effective if you continue to reduce the concentration of nicotine present in the e-juice over time.

However, given the fact that you will have access to the nicotine at all times, this is not going to be much effective. In the end, it will really take the same energy and mental will-power as quitting smoking without the help of a vape.


Though, vapes are still less harmful as compared to traditional cigarettes. So at least, you are on the right path to improvement.

When you go to a vape shop, make sure to consider vapes with 510 thread batteries only. These vapes tend to be more energy efficient and can last longer than other vapes in a single charge. So, you would certainly want these as they are also more powerful and reliable.

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