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What Do You Do When Your HVAC Freezes In The Summer



Your HVAC freezing during the summer season is quite possible. Although it might sound weird but several homeowners have put up with such complaints over the years as well. The refrigerant coil is that one component designed to absorb the heat from the inside of your house and release it outside. However, if a coil freeze occurs, you should know something is not right and call in an air conditioner repair service. If you want to learn why it happens, follow below.

Low Airflow Problem

If the warm air inside your house is not being blown over the evaporator coil, then the heat is not going to be absorbed. The science behind this is that when the heat is absorbed and gets warmer, the refrigerant molecules existing inside the coil tend to contract. However, in the case of the coil freezing up, it will not warm up therefore the molecules will not contract either. This is because there is apparently no heat to absorb. As a result, the coil will keep getting cooler and with time will eventually freeze.

Low Refrigerant Pressure

Another probable cause of your HVAC freezing in summer is low refrigerant pressure. A low refrigerant pressure is mostly due to a leak occurring somewhere. If a leak were to occur, the amount of refrigerant inside the coil will reduce as well, however, the coil will remain of the same size. At the same time, the less amount of refrigerant has more expansion. When it reaches a low enough temperature, the coil will develop ice formation and will freeze.

Mechanical Malfunction

Mechanical malfunction is one of the biggest culprits behind your HVAC freezing. It might be that your fans are slowing down perhaps because they are either broken or bent. It might also be that a piece of component is bumping against another or it could be a blocked refrigerant coil. All these factors can lead to your HVAC freezing.

When the refrigerant coil experiences pressure changes, the change in the warm airflow or the refrigerant amount in the coil will lead to the HVAC freezing up. Perhaps the best way to avoid such a situation is by ensuring that you perform annual HVAC maintenance. It is a great way to ensure that any potential problems arising in the future are prevented beforehand. It will also give the technician an insight into what might need replacement and repair.

Maybe It Is Not Too Hot Outside

In some cases, your HVAC might simply freeze because it is just not that hot outside. If the temperature outside is near or below 60 degrees and you keep running the AC, the refrigerant will keep on expanding more during each cooling cycle. Furthermore, it neither absorbs heat nor contracts. Therefore, the refrigerant inside the coil keeps expanding and eventually freezes.

Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

As mentioned previously, your HVAC needs regular maintenance. If you were to continue using it without regular maintenance, chances are that at some point it will freeze. Just like refrigerators in your home, HVAC units need maintenance as well. They require professionals performing a thorough checkup and cleaning every 3-4 months depending on the area where you live.

In addition to that, it is important that the outside unit is looked after as well. Dust and debris accumulation over time can restrict any component from performing at its optimum. Therefore, one of the probable causes could lead to freezing as well.

How To Choose The Right Team?

When it comes to maintaining your HVAC you need the right people for the right job. Amateurs will only make the situation worse. Therefore, while looking for the perfect team, make sure that you do not look for professionals who offer their services at cheaper rates. Reliable maintenance services are relatively expensive but will ensure that your money is being invested the right way. Look for professionals who are certified and licensed to perform regular maintenance.

Final Word

This blog aimed to discuss the probable causes of your HVAC freezing. Although you might be able to diagnose the problem on your own but it is better that you let HVAC repair services Chantilly fix it as the components might get damaged during the process. And since they do this every day for a living, the probability of something going wrong is relatively less.

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