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What Is Rooter Service And When To Use It?



Sometimes, tree roots are likely to be built inside the sewer pipes of your house that cause obstruction and lead to drainage problems for which you have to seek help from drain cleaning services.

What Is A Rooter Service?

You might have heard about this service but do you know what it actually is? When there are blockages in your drain pipes due to the presence of tree roots in the pipes, rooter services are called over for removing it. So, you see how rooter services have been named after its culprit i.e. trees and their roots.

The first-ever rooter machine was made of a motor from washing machine and the wheels of roller skates. A steel cable was attached to it in such a way that as it moves through the drain, it clears the way and dragged the tree roots along with it from the other end of the pipe. Using the principle of this device, plumber’s snake was invented to clear up minor clogs.

Depending on the type of blockage, rooters are accompanied with; hydro jetting, root killing chemicals etc. Not only this, but rooter service can also help in repairing the damaged pipes.

How Are Clogs Removed By Rooter Services?

Well, there is no rocket science used in this service and it is done easily by a rooter and some other techniques in combination. Here is what an expert does:

  1. Firstly, the problem is determined visually and tests are done to detect the target of the clogs.
  2. If this doesn’t help in detecting, video inspecting tools are used to know the exact and accurate location of clog and also to check the internal condition of the pipes.
  3. As soon as the problem has been determined. The rooter service is started.
  4. The rooter is inserted into the pipe having a blockage.
  5. A sewer drain camera is attached to it for proper monitoring.
  6. The clog is pulled out of the drainpipe as soon as it gets caught by the rooter.
  7. And voila! The obstruction has been removed.

When Is Rooter Service Needed?

There are several sewer trouble signs that go unnoticed by the homeowners especially the minor ones. However, you should keep a regular check on the drainage system of your house in order to keep them functioning properly. But, if you notice any of these following signs then report to rooter services immediately and call them over for its fixing:

  • Multiple drain backups
  • Extremely unpleasant smell from drains
  • The gurgling of water in toilets
  • Very slow or no drainage at all
  • Backup of wastewater from another drain as you use one
  • Water on the floor through drains

Never leave the aforementioned signs untreated as they can progress into worse. Take steps to treat them and fix the issue in as lesser time as possible.

Advantages of a Rooter Service

Nowadays, rooter services have gained a lot of fame and people are getting benefits from it. Below are the pros of rooter service;

  1. Having a clean and safe sanitary is what everyone wants, no? You can have it easily if you get your drainage system checked and repaired regularly.
  2. Sewer lines are the best place for dirt and other particles to accumulate in and cause blockages. But, with regular rooter service, the pipes are prevented from getting clogged frequently.
  3. With rooter services, the core of the sewer problems are eliminated so there are very fewer chances of bigger issues to arise which results in saving your money over costly repairs.
  4. The pipelines are cleaned pretty deeply and damages are also repaired.
How To Hire A Good Rooter Service?

Two ways to do it, physically and on call. Find out where are the rooter services in your area via friends or Google, and pay them a visit. Also, you can check more about rooter services through their websites and social media profiles where you may also be able to see what other people are saying about them. Go through them, call them, ask questions, and make a decision.

Rooter services Bergen have made life a lot easier as you can easily clean your drain pipes using the rooter either yourself or by calling in the pros from drain cleaning services.

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