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10 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips You Need To Know



A septic tank is meant to keep your house and surroundings clean and free from odor, but there also comes a time when this very tank might need some maintenance. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, because this guide has you covered. However, it’s best you hire septic companies for septic system care and maintenance.

Pump The Septic Tank

The first step in maintaining a septic tank is to get it pumped from time to time, every 2 to 5 years. This might sound easy, but it’s anything but. You almost always need a professional to do it and it is really expensive too. It costs anywhere between $400 to $600, but it is necessary if you don’t want your septic tank to get clogged or damaged.

There is a lot of waste in a septic tank and you need to get it flushed every now and then to keep things moving otherwise it can turn into a whole issue in itself. While the tank is getting pumped, you can also get it cleaned, so that it’s perfect for use for years to come.

Look Out For Leaks

Another common problem that needs to be tackled during the maintenance of the septic tank is leaks. There can be a lot of cracks in the septic tank, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. This is a huge issue because the leaks can find their way to the ground and you’ll be surrounded by puddles of waste. This can also lead to septic system failure.

If you want to look out for leaks in the septic tank, then you can do so by looking at the ground where you know the tank is. If the grass on the ground is wet and has a weird waste-like smell coming from it, then you should be alarmed, because there’s probably a leak in the tank that has caused the waste to escape from its spot.

Use Additives

A septic tank isn’t just a tank filled with filth waiting to be pumped. It’s more mechanized than this. There is waste that’s filtered according to weight and solids sink to the bottom whereas liquids stay at the top. But, that’s not all either.

There are bacteria added in the tank that break down the solid waste into liquid and this step makes the tank easier to function and it’s better for everyone. So, you need to add in bacteria as you go, because they can get killed by harsh cleaning agents like bleach and you don’t want that.

Get An Effluent Filter

A septic tank can also get clogged and it’s not something you want to experience. This is why the best thing to do, when you’re getting your tank pumped, is to have an effluent filter installed. Think of it like a mesh screen that will keep the solid waste and liquid separate and there will be little to no chance of clogging.

An effluent filter is usually installed on the outlet of the septic tank, so it’s the perfect place to capture the solid waste and keep it from mixing in with everything else. It will be a lifesaver for you.

Don’t Let The Tank Get Clogged

Since a septic tank is a tank filled with all kinds of waste, there can be a chance of it getting clogged. There are a lot of problems when it comes to a clogged tank. The septic tank doesn’t perform as well, and it could potentially lead to leaks and irreparable damage that you don’t want.

So, try to keep the possibility of clogging away by keeping the tank in motion at all times. This means that regenerating its bacterial additives and keeping the solid waste separate from the liquid waste is key. You will thank yourself in the future.

Make It An Annual Thing

Septic tanks don’t need to be maintained daily. That’s not doable. You usually need septic tank cleaning Washington County around the two and five-year mark, but if you want to play it safe and don’t want to risk clogging the tank or leaking it, then the best time to maintain and pump the tank is every year.

You can get it done before or after wet season depending on when you can get hire a professional. The cleaning will not only be easy, but you will get it done way quickly and there won’t be any issues.

Proper Disposal Of Waste

You might think that since all of your waste is going into a huge tank, you can put just about anything in it. Well, that’s not true and you shouldn’t do it. You need to properly dispose of the waste. Don’t think of your toilet as a trash can.

You can’t throw things like toilet paper, sanitary pads, and even larger objects in it. It will get clogged and it will only make things harder to deal with in the septic tank. So, before thinking about flushing anything down the toilet, think twice, or maybe 10 times.

Use Water Mindfully

A septic tank has limited capacity and the amount of water you waste will determine how quickly you need to get the tank pumped before it overflows. This is why using a septic tank is more than just letting waste collect in an underground tank.

If you want to reduce the maintenance and labor you put into cleaning the septic tank, then you need to use water mindfully. This means that wasting less water, not leaving the tap on, and not flushing every single time you use the toilet is key. This will only put less burden on the tank and you in the long run.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

We’ve all been there. Cleaning the bathroom, drains, and faucets with bleach, harsh chemicals, and cleaners to get it looking spotless. Well, all of that is going down badly in the septic tank and leaving a trail of damage.

You don’t want harsh chemicals sitting in the septic tank for too long, because this can lead to corrosion on the walls of the tank, and in worst cases, leaks are pretty much inevitable. So, whatever you do, if there’s a clog in your house drain, then use boiling water or other mechanical methods to unclog the drain.

Protect The Drain Field

The drain field of a septic tank is invisible and it makes everything all the more hard to see and maintain. The job of the drain tank is to remove all kinds of contaminants in the septic tank.

Since it’s leveled with the ground, you want to ensure that you’re not putting any weight on it, not parking your car or other heavy vehicle on it, keeping plants and trees at a distance from it and keeping it covered, so that nothing from the outside goes in. This will save the septic tank.


Septic tank care is critical to avoid bad odor, drain problems, water contamination, and other issues. So, it’s really important that you do if you don’t want to be embarrassed or be the owner of a house that smells bad. If you haven’t pumped the septic tank in the last 2-3 years, then consider scheduling septic tank pumping Jefferson County.

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