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9 Cheap And Low-Cost Party Ideas



Whether it’s a birthday bash or just a party to get your friends together and have a good time, it shouldn’t be too heavy on the budget even if you require party tent rentals and other items for rent. If you’re looking for ways to host a fun party, without breaking the bank, then here are some amazing tips.

Make The Cake

This tip is great for birthday parties, where cake is a mandatory thing. Cakes can be expensive to make and if you are a good baker and have made cakes in the past, then you can take the task of preparing a delicious birthday cake for the party.

If you’re not confident about making a good cake, then see if you have an aspiring baker in your friend group and ask them to help you out.

Set A Budget

You can’t decide whether a party is over or under budget, without having a reference to base the price on. This is why having a budget or a master spending plan is great. You can always refer back to it and see if you’re going above your allocated amount or if you have room for more things to spend on.

Having a budget will also give you a line of action, so you don’t get stranded during the planning phase and hit that dreadful halt, where you don’t know what to do next.

Save On The Venue

This tip will save you a lot of money and you will still have a great party to host. Venues are the type of expense, which can be deemed pretty much useless. They are insanely expensive; you only have access for a limited amount of time and there isn’t a lot you can do at the venue unless you pay extra for it.

All in all, it boils down to one simple fact: You need to find an inexpensive alternative. Well, there are a couple of ideas which you can consider, because they’re not only cheap, but they are pretty unique. If you have space in your house, or any other friend’s house, then try to host the party there. You can help your friends out by cleaning, organizing, and bringing all of the party essentials.

Another great idea would be to hit the beach or have a birthday picnic in the park. The beach and park are seemingly free spaces that you can use and you can have a good time at either of these places. The outdoors is a great spot for pictures too and it will be a fun experience for everyone.

Decorate By Yourself

Another great tip, if you want to save money on party planning, is to decorate by yourself. The best thing about decorating by yourself is that you don’t need to hold back on anything. You can get as creative as you want and you can even have a theme, to make things interesting and easier.

All you really need for decorations are balloons, ribbons, confetti, and fairy lights. You can also make banners for the party, since they are pretty cheap and easy to make, especially if you have a crafty and creative side. Gather around with your friends and go crazy with the decorations.

Pick The Right Time

This tip might not seem as helpful but it is going to save you from overspending. The time of the party matters a lot. If you’re hosting a party during lunch or dinner time, that’s usually during rush hours and the catering services and tent rentals Clarksburg might charge you extra for delivering food in this traffic.

What you want to do is pick a time which is low on traffic and, if you can, try to pick up the food from the caterers. You will save that extra cash on delivery fees and the traffic won’t be as bad, so you won’t be wasting fuel, driving to and from the caterers.

DIY Invitations

A party doesn’t need elaborate invitations. You can easily get away with inviting people over text or sending an invitation to your friend group chat. Another great way of inviting people, if you’re still hooked to physical invitations, is by making invitations by yourself and giving them to the people you’re inviting. This is a great gesture and your guests will appreciate the effort.

Of course, making invitations by yourself does take time, so have some friends help you out, either during the making or delivery process.

Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment doesn’t need to be super expensive. Here are some amazing entertainment ideas for your friends at a party.

  • Have treasure hunts and clue-based games. This is a great game to play and it gets people to interact with others.
  • If it’s a girls night in/out, then you all can go for a spa or manicure. This is a great way to get pampered and spend a nice day with your girls.
  • You and your friends can go to a concert afterward, especially if you have a couple of music fanatics in your friend group.
  • A karaoke bar is a great way to add some pizzazz to the entertainment. Singing songs is always a good option, if you want to get a dose of laughter in.
  • Do all of you have a favorite game? Well, what better way to entertain the guests than to play your favorite game? You can have the arrangements made or you can buy tickets to an upcoming game and enjoy the day.
  • Going to the theater for a movie is a great way to entertain the guests at the party. If there’s a movie coming up that you all want to watch, then grab some tickets and surprise your friends.

At-Home Music Arrangement

Music is a party must-have, but there is a way to have a cheaper arrangement, than having to call a DJ. All you need is a killer playlist and some speakers to boost the sound. You can hook your playlist to your laptop and speakers and have your friends dance the night away.

You can even mix tunes and make your own beats, which sound unique, interesting, and fit for a party. Music is always a mood-pleaser and everyone will feel a lot better once you get some tunes blasting through the room.

A Simple Menu

Last but not least, you can’t forget the food and drinks. If you want to stay within a certain budget, then it’s best that you keep the menu simple. You can have 1 to 2 options of drinks and, as for the food, having finger foods is a great option. Tacos, sliders, cheese boards, and small desserts like cupcakes and tarts are some amazing choices.

These foods are loved by everyone and can easily be made preferential, if someone avoids meat and dairy. Have all of the food and drinks spread out on a table and let the guests help themselves.


There you have it! Who would’ve known that parties can have so many hidden costs? Well, now you can plan a great party without having to spend a fortune if you plan well and hire affordable party rentals Northern VA. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your party shoes, because you’ll need them.

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