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How To Apply Eyelash Extensions



eyelash extensions

Ask an expert at a hair salon, “how do they apply eyelash extensions?” and they’ll reply with “Ah! That’s easy.” Well, I never thought the same before. And I am sure, if you’re here, reading this, sticking those stubborn extensions is hard for you too, especially when you’re doing it on your own.

I haven’t mastered the formula yet. But I tell you this; I’m gradually learning. And it’s, “Oh, so fun.” Here’s how you, too, can apply eyelash extensions with ease. Also, I’ll give you some expert tips.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Starting with the process, you should know about the different types of eyelash extensions. It will be helpful for you to decide what is suitable for you and your specific event.

There are three types of eyelash extensions:

  • Synthetic
  • Mink
  • Silk

The first one, as the name suggests, is synthetic, made with acrylic, and is comparatively thicker. It is the heaviest option you can have with the curls and the dramatic look such extensions offer. So eventually, it’s for red-carpet or wedding-type events.

But, if you want to go for a finer and natural look, you can choose between mink and silk eyelash extensions, respectively. They’re thin and lightweight, giving you more natural yet voluminous looks.

Why Would You Prefer Eyelash Extensions Over False Eyelashes?

I have heard many asking this question. The simple and clear answer is, they’re durable. Eyelash extensions last for weeks as compared to false lashes, which need to be changed regularly. Also, you apply the extensions individually over each and every single natural lash of yours. So, these extensions will give you more natural looks.

A cherry on the top: you can take a shower or wash your face with eyelash extensions on.

Applying Your Eyelash Extensions

Gluing in single, individual extensions is a delicate task. So, you must prepare your mind first to be patient. And when you’re going to do it for the first time, it might take 2-3 hours. But, with an hair and makeup expert, it’s a task of an hour.

Get Your Supplies Together

Doing it yourself, you need to get an eyelash extension kit, as it’ll ease up the process. The kit should have all the necessary items, such as:

  • Eyelash extensions of different lengths
  • Adhesive Glue
  • Eyelash extension brush
  • Eyelash extension remover
  • A tweezers

Ask Your Friend For Help

Most of the specialists do not support DIYing the eyelash extension process. There are many reasons behind this restriction. Mainly, it is for your safety.

There are chances that the glue might get into your eyes while applying. Or maybe you accidentally apply the eyelash extension on your skin.

Therefore, it is better to have four hands than two. Also, your friend will be able to look into your lashes and apply the extensions directly and adequately.

Prepare Your Natural Lashes

It is one of the most critical steps, as the extensions will not stick properly over any makeup. Therefore, your natural lashes need to be clean. Remove all the makeup and wash your face.

Also, brush through your natural lashes to see their exact length. And then choose the length of eyelash extensions accordingly. You can cut the eyelashes extensions, too, in order to match them with your natural lashes (but, not when glued to your natural lashes, good lord).

Glue-In Eyelash Extensions

Now, take a deep breath and start gluing your eyelash extensions. Gradually start from the outer end with longer lashes and then move towards the inner end. Apply the smaller extensions inward.

During this process, also keep separating the natural lashes and the extensions. It’ll save your eyes from looking like a total mess.

Let The Extensions Dry

Do not open your eyes before the glue isn’t dry. It’ll hardly take 5 minutes, and you’re done.

Secondly, do not wash your face for at least 12-24 hours after the process or not get them wet anyway. Also, these lash extensions give you natural volume and curl. So, you don’t need to apply any mascara, especially for some hours after the treatment is being done. Tada! You’re ready to flaunt your new eyelashes.

However, if you want to get a quick application of eyelashes, consider visiting an eyelash extension salon. hypno

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