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Is Box Dye Bad For Your Hair



If you are desperate for a color change and don’t have time for hair salons specializing in color, then a boxed hair dye will sound no less than a miracle for you. But is boxed dye really safe for your hair? Let’s find out!

 He Color Of The Dye Isn’t The Same

The color on the box may seem promising, but you shouldn’t fall for it. Getting your hair done professionally is a lot different than having it done at home with a boxed dye pack. The color is usually never the same as the box shows and this has to do a lot with the hair texture, the previous hair color and the mixing technique. If you are a beginner and have no idea what to do, a boxed dye may be no less than a disaster waiting to happen for your hair.

Your Hair Type Matters

When you go to get your hair dyed professionally, the hair specialist asks a lot of questions about your hair type. Is your scalp oily, are your hair brittle, can the dye properly cone on your hair, etc. Well, there are no such consultations with a boxed dye. You need to have a boxed dye which suits your hair type, otherwise it’s not going to work. For you to be extremely comfortable dyeing your hair yourself with a boxed dye, you need to know these simple and preliminary things about your hair.

It’s Just Too Plain

When you dye your hair with a boxed dye, it is just too plain and one dimensional. There are no depths of colors and the hair just looks flat and not impressive. When you go to a salon to get your hair dyed, the hair specialist will do multiple things to your hair to add more color dimension in your hair, which cannot be achieved by boxed dye, no matter how much you try. It will look plain and unimpressive and the results might not be what you are anticipating.

You Can’t Get Ombre From Boxed Dye

Other than the fact that boxed dyes have a lot of harsh chemicals like ammonia in them and it is not good for your hair, it also doesn’t give impressive results. If a boxed dye is claiming ombre hair at the end of the dyeing session, then you best believe that it is just a marketing stunt and you will probably not get the results the dye is promising. Ombre is not something that can be done easily, it takes a lot of skill and time and clearly a boxed dye is not up for the job.

Low Price Doesn’t Always Cut It

An inexpensive boxed dye may sound very tempting, but if things take a wrong turn, you better believe that you will be spending a lot more money getting your hair corrected to rectify this cheap maneuver. The hair can turn out pretty bad if you don’t know what you are doing and let’s not even get started about the potential damage your hair will go through. This is not something you want to put your hair through, so it’s better to bite the bullet and get your hair done professionally rather than experimenting with it by yourself.

It’s Uneven

Last but not least, boxed dyes give results that are blotchy and uneven. This is to be expected if you are a newbie in the world of hair dye and you want to experiment dyeing your own hair. The end result will be very patchy and you will not like the look of it at all. Even covering all of your hair with dye is not going to get rid of the patchiness. This has to do with your existing hair color and cutting the color down properly, which can only be done perfectly in a professional hair salon.

Sire, if you are in a pickle and have to do something about your hair, then you can use boxed dye as a last resort, but it is not to be used regularly if you don’t want your hair to look damaged or stripped. Because if you do, you may be heading to a hair color correction hair salon Rockville soon.

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