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9 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Are Almost Perfect



Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular for all the right reasons. When it comes to entertaining family and friends, there is nothing better than having food while surrounded by nature and fresh air. After getting your patio done by a patio builder, you should give some thought to an outdoor kitchen. However, considering the size, budget, and other factors, you need to pick the right design. Here is a list that will help you kickstart the process.

Stacked Stone Kitchen

The first design you need to consider when it comes to an outdoor kitchen is stacked stone. If you want a timeless design with a clean, sharp look and ever-lasting visual appeal, this is the design for you. This design does not only look sharp but also feels unique and well-built. The best thing about stack stone is that you cannot go wrong with it.

Combined with a BBQ cooktop and stone benchtops, you are going to have a kitchen that your neighbors will be forced to admire. You can build it near the outdoor entertainment area for everyone to chill and unwind. Plus, you won’t have to spend a huge amount of money after a few years on the design as it will keep on giving off both a modern and classic vibe.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven

While going through different outdoor kitchen designs, you will come across rustic outdoor kitchen designs as well. It is a popular design but does not work without a traditional pizza oven. This is going to be a part of the design. Even though it is going to cost you more money, adding a traditional pizza oven is going to appeal to the masses.

With black finishes, festoon lighting, and other additions, this kitchen is going to give the 18th-century vibe but with a modern taste. However, you will need to pick the perfect finishes to pull off the look. Keep in mind that your traditional pizza oven should go with the outdoor kitchen color scheme.

A Built-In Grill And Compact Kitchen Combination

This design is a perfect option for those who do not have much space for their outdoor kitchen. A combination of a built-in grill, sink, bench, and oven will provide everything you need for your outdoor cooking adventures. The main purpose of this combination is to save and maximize space.

Another major advantage is that your friends and family members can take all the leftovers and dirty dishes outside to create as little stress as possible while you entertain them as well. And those who can spare a bit more room can add a refrigerator or other kitchen item for an effortless cooking and dining experience.

Combined Outdoor Kitchen And Living Space

If you have a sufficient amount of outdoor space, you cannot turn down a combined outdoor kitchen and living space. This is going to be the best choice for you if you regularly have family members and friends coming over. There is so much you can do with the space apart from cooking.

For instance, you can place one or two comfortable couches, seats, rocking chairs, etc. for people to simply have a good time. Make sure that you place the furniture facing nature. This will allow your guests to feel extra relaxed having a view of Mother Nature’s best creation while munching down on their favorite meals.

Outdoor Patio Kitchen With Vertical Garden

An outdoor patio kitchen with a vertical garden is a considerable option if the patio is angled with a nice brick or exterior wall. A small concrete patio with a concrete outdoor kitchen will make for a perfect combination. Furthermore, a touch of darker appliances will add to the vibe of the place.

However, for this design, you will need a bit of space. The entire garden doesn’t need to be full of plants and shrubs. The garden should act as a natural background to the kitchen. Plus, do not install plants that may attract insects. Get some advice from a gardener so your yard stays pest-free.

Pool And Kitchen

Now this is the ultimate outdoor kitchen design for those who have large spaces and money to spend. Having a pool with a kitchen is going to entertain all your guests who love to eat and take a dip especially when it is hot outside. Once your guests have taken a dip, they can simply head over to the kitchen, quench their thirst, and treat their taste buds to delicious meals.

However, both the pool and kitchen should not be at a distance from each other. The guests should be able to easily transit between the two. If they have to visit the other part of the house, the design won’t be of any use.

In addition to that, this design could be expensive. So, we suggest hiring an expert pool contractor Long Island who can also utilize space effectively and ensure maximum practicality.

Straight Concrete With Double Grill And Storage

If you are deciding on having a concrete outdoor kitchen, you will have plenty of options in hand. For instance, a double grill with concrete shelving is a great combination ideal for outdoor entertainment and cooking purposes. However, this design is mostly suited to larger areas.

Keep in mind the concrete benches hosting the double grill will be the main attraction and make the outside feel like luxury considering the stunning finish. If you are willing to spend some money, install a red brick outdoor pizza oven that will look timeless.

A Covered Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in a region that is hot almost throughout the year, you will need to cover it up. Having a nice patio with a sink, bar, and grill will suffice all your cooking and entertainment needs as long as the guests are covered with shade. It is just like adding an extension to your home with an option to pick different pavers and tiles for a unique and relaxing look.

Moreover, you will also need to add a few furniture items for your guests to feel comfortable while chatting and having food. The best thing about this design is that you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen regardless of the weather outside. You can enjoy cooking and the food even when it’s raining.

Outdoor Decking With Country Chic Dining

Outdoor decking with country chic dining is mostly about wooden storage, paneling, and cabinetry. You can have a fully covered outdoor kitchen design that can be enjoyed by your family all year round. You are open to choosing different color schemes for this design as long as it highlights the country vibe.

And to complete the design, you can add a large built-in oven and chopping boards. If possible, you can add several other features as well but do not experiment with something that spoils the everlasting impression.


When it comes to outdoor kitchen designs, the list is never-ending. However, the designs highlighted above are tried and tested. You can pick any design you want and create the perfect outdoor entertainment source for years to come. Make sure to keep a certified outdoor kitchen contractor Long Island to your side to make your money worth.

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