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What Is The Most Common Cause Of Ankle Pain



Your ankle, just like the elbow, is a complex union of different joints and bones. So, if your ankle randomly starts to hurt, here are some possible causes that could explain why. Make sure to find podiatry clinics that can help you relieve the pain.


Tendinitis is the rupture of the Achilles tendon in the lower foot. This can cause a lot of pain in the lower foot and ankle area. It can happen due to a variety of reasons. One is playing intense sports and stretching your Achilles tendon too much to the point of rupture.

This causes radiating pain in the foot and especially in the ankle. You are unable to move your foot and your entire ankle hurts too much, so much so that you can’t even put some weight on it. This can be quite painful, which is why you should see a doctor immediately and have it checked. You don’t want to wait any longer for matters to get worse than they already are


Osteoarthritis is another bone disorder in which the bones become super weak and they are prone to breaking and fractures. Osteoarthritis can be hereditary or it can occur in old age. Regardless of the cause, your joints will always feel immense pain. Your ankle and very light joints will suffer a lot from this disorder.

Doctors will suggest that you put as little weight on your ankles as possible so that you don’t drive the ankles to fractures. This can be quite an uncomfortable situation and to fix this, you will need enriched vitamin D supplements.

Over Exertion

Athletes can have ankle pains too and this can occur due to the intense sports they play on a daily basis. Football, soccer, hockey, and other very intense sports can have an adverse effect on your ankles. They can get dislocated or injured and you will feel a lot of pain.

You have to stop playing sports for a couple of weeks before your ankle gets healed and you will need to rest a lot during that time. It’s very important to give your ankle a breather in case you injure it and it causes a lot of pain, so much so that you can’t even move your ankle without feeling a sting of pain.

Old Age

Old age can lead to weak bones and one small impact can lead to a tremendous injury. This is why old people are advised avoid strenuous activities because they are at risk of falling and fracturing their bones and joints. You want to protect your joints like ankles and elbows especially because these joints are very hard to get repaired when you reach a certain age. Try to be super cautious about it, especially if you are reaching quite old age.


Ankles can only handle so much. If you are someone who is obese and has a lot of weight, this can put a lot of weight on your ankles and this pressure can cause the ankles to dislocate and even fracture if the weight is too much. Try to lose weight if you can, and if it’s possible, try to put as little weight as you can on your ankles, because you will feel a lot of pain when trying to stand up on your feet, especially if you are obese.


Your bones are surrounded by small sacs of fluids that keep the lubrication between your joints when you move. These sacs are called Bursae. Sometimes, these sacs can get inflamed or even deflated. This will give rise to a lot of friction to the joints and bones and the result will be extreme pain in the joints. Your ankles can also be subjected to this pain. This is a medical problem and you need to see a doctor for this. The main symptom will be that you will feel a lot of pain when you move your ankle.


There you have it! Now you know every possible way your ankle might be hurting. Try to get to the bottom of this by going to a podiatrist Woodbridge, because you don’t want the pain to be prolonged under any circumstances.

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