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5 Types Of Fall Allergies You Should Be Aware Of



Allergies are of so many types and forms. Some affect your breathing, respiratory system and some affect your skin and overall health. Here are some commonly occurring fall allergies according to allergy physicians.

Pollen Allergy

A very common type of allergen which causes a lot of allergies for most people is pollen. Pollen is derived from plants, especially flowers. They are light in weight and microscopic in size. They travel via wind, water and dust, and can make their way into your body via your nose, mouth or eyes.

Pollen can cause irritating feelings in your throat and respiratory system, which can then cause you to have shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and more breathing problems. Pollen can also irritate your skin and leave it feeling red, itchy and burning sometimes.

Pollen allergies can be prevented if you take care of yourself properly in the winter months. Make sure you are always wearing something to protect your face from the pollen and incoming wind. Keep your windows closed, especially if the wind is too strong.

Ragweed Allergy

Ragweed plant is the parent of pollen. It causes a lot of production of pollen and it can be very bad for you if you are susceptible to allergies. One plant of ragweed can produce millions of pollen grains which can then travel via wind and water, and cause pollen and ragweed allergy.

If you are someone who is prone to allergic reactions in the different seasons, then you should stay at bay from the ragweed plant. If there are any unwanted ragweed plants growing in your garden, then have them removed, because they will lead to a lot of pollen production.

Dust Mite Allergy

Dust allergies are also very common during the cold months. People who are prone to dust allergies cannot stand the dust and will be affected by the abundance of dust. So if you are someone who feels the same way, then you have to take precautions.

Dust can be very bad for you, if you don’t protect yourself from it, it can be an allergic asthma trigger causing breathing problems and chest infections as well. Make sure you don’t go anywhere with a lot of dust. If you must clean, then make sure that you are wearing a mask to protect your face. Keep your room ventilation active so that dust has a way to escape from it and not accumulate in your room.

Keeping your eyes protected from the dust is also crucial. You don’t want the dust to irritate your eyes and find a way inside your body. You must take care of your personal hygiene as well. As soon as you are finished with cleaning, hop in the shower first thing and wash off your body nicely.

Fungal Allergies

Molds and fungus also lead to allergies. This is because the winter months are sometimes humid and moisture levels increase. This can become a perfect breeding ground for the fungus. Fungus mostly develops on wet and damp surfaces like wood and sides of the house.

Make sure that you are calling in the fumigation teams to take care of the fungus and have it removed from your vicinity. Otherwise it can cause many topical allergic reactions and it can lead to fevers and sneezing as well. A very common fungus which causes allergies is spore and it affects the lungs the most.

Bug Allergies

Big bites are also very common in almost every season. Bugs like beehives and hornets can cause allergies and reactions to your skin and face. Your face might become swollen or red, it might become puffy and bloated. So, make sure that there are no bugs near your vicinity and if there are, then make sure you are getting them removed or staying away from them as much as you can. Bed mites are also very common. Applying bug repellent lotions and creams are a good way to protect yourself from bug bites and reactions.

There you have it! Now you know the basic and common allergies which occur to the majority of people during the colder months. Once you know them, you can treat them accordingly as well. You can also go to the best allergist Manassas for proper allergy treatment.

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