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5 Popular Treatment Options For Male Pattern Baldness Or Alopecia



Hair loss can be a source of diminished confidence for a lot of people. This is why hair loss treatments such as laser therapy and hair transplant surgery are sought after by people suffering from immense hair loss. Below, different treatments for pattern baldness or alopecia are discussed.

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia or pattern baldness is a common disorder of hair, which is mostly prevalent in men. It is the result of immense hair fall or baldness occurring on the head, in the form of patches. Then occurs immense baldness on the scalp. It might not seem significant at first, but it intensifies even more as it progresses further. The main cause of alopecia or pattern baldness is a weak immune system. The immune system becomes extremely triggered due to some reason and it starts to attack hair follicles, making them break and fall in patches or extremely large quantities. This is a serious condition and you should see a doctor immediately for this reason.

Treatments For Alopecia Or Pattern Baldness

Some of the most common and best hair restoration treatments are as follows, including medications and surgical procedures.


Minoxidil is not a new name in the world of hair restoration. It is a proven and well-known drug, which is present in a lot of shampoos and hair treatments targeted for hair loss and hair restoration. Minoxidil is applied topically on the hair, through these treatments. It helps to alleviate hair loss and lead to better hair health as well. Regular applications of minoxidil will show you significant changes and improvement in your hair health and the way your hair will look.

Finasteride Supplements

Finasteride is one of the most effective medications which is taken orally for hair loss. It is usually available in the market as a 30 day supplement. It should be taken strategically according to the prescription your doctor has provided you with. If taken religiously for the said amount of time, either 15 or 30 days, depending on the extent of your hair loss and your current hair health, it will give promising results. It is proven to be effective for the treatment of extreme baldness, pattern baldness and alopecia.


Dutasteride is a drug which is strikingly similar in effect to Finasteride, if not more effective. It is an orally prescribed drug, which can be taken to reduce hair loss. It works with reducing and inhibiting all activities of type 2-alpha reductase. On top of that, it also inhibits all type 1 enzymes. This is a great drug to use, but it is banned in some countries due to it not being approved by the drug authorities. This is why Finasteride came into the market as a safer alternative to Dutasteride. You can use either, depending on what you find easily in your health stores.

Hair Transplantation

Talking about surgical methods of treatment, hair transplantation tops the list. This is also a very common procedure that people go for. Now, hair transplantation procedures are of many types and they have come a long way. Now there are robotic and follicular hair transplantation procedures, which are much easier to get done and the results look extremely natural. There is also the conventional hair transplant process, but it has its own criteria and it looks quite obvious, this is why people gravitate towards more natural surgical methods of hair restoration.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is also done nowadays to regrow your hair. It is also a relatively newer procedure and its mechanism is on the basis of healing the hair follicles by exposing the hair shaft to UV light. Ultraviolet light has a lot of hair healing properties, which makes the hair stronger and healthier than before. The only downside to this procedure is that it is a very expensive treatment to get done and there have to be several appointments made in order to get the full result. This cannot be done in merely one sitting.


There you have it! Not only you know what alopecia or pattern baldness is, but you also know about the effective treatments used for combating alopecia. Go to a hair transplant clinic to learn more about your options.

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