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Birth Control Pill Effects to the Body



Birth control pills are widely sold anywhere in the world, and it could save you from unwanted pregnancy. You will not end up having to visit a family planning abortion clinic

One of the most effective birth control methods is the pill when you take it correctly, with just 0.1% of women that experience an unwanted pregnancy. There are only 1 in 100 women who experience unintended pregnancy during the first year of using it. They do not end up going to family planning abortion clinics because they prevented pregnancy.

No matter how popular or common an item is sold, you should still the effects it could have on your body. It pays to know what to expect while you are taking the pill because you deserve that.

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Intermenstrual Spotting

About 50% of people use the pill have vaginal bleeding between periods, which is also called breakthrough bleeding. This is most common during the 1st 3 months of taking the contraception pill. In general, this resolves about 90% of the cases based on the pill pack.

Even if you experience spotting, the pill remains to be effective if you take it correctly and there were no missed doses. People who go through at least 5 days of bleeding while taking active pills or experience heavy bleeding for at least 3 days should contact their doctor.


There are people who experience nausea after taking the pill for the first time, but their symptoms normally subside after a while. If you take the pill during meals or during bed time helps lower the chance of experiencing nausea. Anyone who experiences persistent nausea should call their doctor.

Tender Breasts

Sometimes, birth control pills cause breast tenderness or breast enlargement. This is not permanent and in case you feel a lump in your breast, or persistent pain or tenderness, you should call your doctor.

Reducing your caffeine and salt intake can prevent breast tenderness, as well as wearing the right bra.

Mood Swings

People who have had depression in the past should discuss this with their doctor because some people experience depression and/or other changes in their emotions while they take the pill.

In a study, it shows that using birth control pills was linked to small cortical thickness, posterior cingulate cortex, and the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. Those areas of the brain are linked to responding to reward and evaluating stimuli.

The authors of this study says that further research should be conducted in order to confirm if there is or there isn’t a connection between thinning of the cortical in those areas of the brain because of mood swings and use of the pills.

Serious but Rare Risks

You can experience serious problems from the pill, but that is rare.

Taking birth control pills is necessary to prevent pregnancy and it keeps you from going to abortion clinics dc in the future. You should always know the possible side effects before taking anything.

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