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How Do You Tint Your Car Windows Perfectly



Window tinting is really an exotic procedure to keep the inside of your car cool and protect you from UV rays and glare. Do you want to tint your car windows? If yes, you are on the right blog. There are certain steps that you can follow for auto glass tinting.

Firstly, you should choose the type of window tint for your car. Common types are:

  • Dyed window tints.
  • Special metallic window tints can resist and reflect the Ultraviolet Rays of the sun and the heat.
  • Carbon fiber window tints best suited for your exotic vehicle.
  • The best quality Ceramic window tints are highly recommended.

Things You Need For Window Tinting

The foremost thing that you will require before initiating the window tilting process is a clean and dedicated environment. A dedicated environment means a garage or a facility having sufficient tools and equipment needed. You have to make sure that you have purchased everything from the market before starting. You should make a list of items. With a list shown below, you can ensure everything is in your inventory list.

  • The window film that you want to install in your car windows (the most important item in your purchase list).
  • Spray cans or bottles needed to spray detergent water onto the surface of the windows.
  • Sharp, safety razor blades for peeling off and cutting the thin tinting film.
  • A tint squeezer and applicator will help you to apply the film onto the glass window.
  • Silicone gun and silicone rod. This silicone will be used to seal the film where needed.
  • Efficient heat gun. The heat gun will be required to heat the tinting film and perfectly apply the window tint onto the glass window.

Steps Of Tinting Your Car Window

There are many steps that need to be followed for window tinting. However, some of the main and important steps are discussed below.

Check If Your Car Window Glass Is Working Smoothly

The foremost step in tinting your windows is to check if the window glass is working properly or not. You can check it by using the glass operating buttons. If the window glass is working properly then you are good to go.

Clean And Wash The Window Glass For Tinting

The window surface should be clean and clear. It should be free of dust, dirt, any remains of foreign particles, or breakage. You should clean the glass by using detergent or soap water.

Measure The Size Of The Window Tint Film

The size of the window glass can be measured carefully by placing the film onto the window glass. You should cut the window tinting film 1.5 inches more than the actual size of the window glass. After carefully cutting the window film. It is time to apply the window tint.

Apply The Car Window Tint On The Glass

It is recommended that you spray soapy water on the surface of the window for a perfect application of the window tint. After applying the tint onto the surface, you should use the applicator or the squeezer. As soon as you un-tape the inner adhesive layer of the tinting film, start squeezing any air bubbles by using the applicator. The soapy water will also help you to apply more efficiently.

You should use the razor blade to cut the excessive and additional tinting film off the window glass.

 Apply The Heat Gun On Every Corner Of The Window

The final step is the usage of aheat gun. The heat gun will perfectly adhere the tinting film to the window glass. Therefore, you should apply the heat gun to every corner and surface of the window glass.

Let The Window Tint Stick Perfectly

It is highly recommended that you wait for a while before using your windows routinely. The tinting film takes some time to stick completely to the glass surface. Make sure that you regularly clean your window tints.


The above-mentioned steps can help you apply the windows tinting film onto your glass windows. However, if you are unable to complete the process, you can use the services of a certified car window tinting shop Springfield. Search the auto shops in your area and find what others are saying about them before choosing one.

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