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What Are The Dangers Of Not Tinting Your Car Windows?



There was a time when window tints were mostly used for aesthetic purposes. With time and growing security and privacy concerns, window tints are now more popular than ever. However, tinting your car windows also offers several other benefits. We are going to discuss why car window tinting is necessary and why not getting them for your car can be a problem.

Not Having Window Tints Damages The Interior

The first thing to remember when it comes to not tinting your car windows is that the interior is affected. Although vehicle manufacturers use special coatings to help the interior fight against UV rays, constant exposure to the sun can make a lot of difference in the long run.

You might have noticed vehicle owners complaining about their interiors fading away. This is simply because when vichles are parked outside they are directly under the sun. The sun rays can increase the fading rate of the interior. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that modern interiors are mostly made of plastic due to cost and weight-saving measures. As a result, plastic is not able to withstand this much heat.

That said, you can prevent this problem by tinting the car windows. It might be an expensive option but you can opt for a relatively cost-effective type in the beginning.

Window tints are available in different types based on quality and characteristics. So, if you cannot go for the most expensive type i.e. ceramic window tints, you can also consider window shades for the time being.

Not Having Window Tints Can Cause Health Concerns

You might have heard people saying that sunbathing helps the body receive vitamin C, which is beneficial for the skin. Even though it is true to some extent, that does not mean you expose yourself to the sun every day for hours. The UV rays have the same effect on your skin as a vehicle’s interior.

People living in hot regions often suffer from painful skin conditions. This is why experts recommend applying sun lotion or simply tinting the vehicle windows. Depending on the state or the region, you may need to acquire a permit.

The permit allows you to get the windows tinted to protect the sun from directly contacting your skin. Furthermore, if you have an elderly frequently traveling along as well, you can show your concern for their health to the authorities and request a permit.

Several researchers state that UV exposure can lead to skin problems like skin cancer, rashes, etc. While a sunblock lotion will protect you from harmful UV rays, having your windows tinted will offer extra protection.

Not Having Window Tints Exposes You To Crime

You might have observed celebrities and other important personalities having their vehicles tinted to dark colors. This is because they want to keep privacy and prevent prying eyes from harming them. Because street crimes are increasing day by day, you must look after your security and privacy.

This is more important if you own an expensive vehicle or live an extravagant lifestyle. While you might enjoy showing off, others will envy you and might try to threaten or pose a threat. You won’t want a stranger with an intent of harm getting too close to you and your loved ones.

In addition to that, window tints also offer an extra layer of protection in case someone decides to break into your parked vehicle. Window tints are films and require a bit of force to tear. This will give you some time to react if you find someone looting your personal belongings. So, it can prevent car break-ins to an extent.

Not Tinting Car Windows Make You More Vulnerable To Accidents

One of the reasons window tints have become so popular over the years is due to the growing number of accidents on motorways and highways. If you live in a hot region, it might be common for you to observe road glare, which could be distracting and can cause serious accidents.

Plus, if you are driving at night, you might also be affected by the glare from the incoming traffic. This means if you regularly travel on the highway, you need to get the windows tinted. However, make sure to that the tint percentage you get is within the laws. Most states don’t allow completely dark tints. So, follow the rules to stay out of trouble.

However, if you need to cover your car’s exterior with a paint protection film Springfield, there are no strict laws for it. You can have a PPF of any thickness and quality installed on your car to protect the body and paint of your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits Of Window Tints?

Tinting your car windows offers several advantages. To begin with, your and your vehicle’s interior is protected from UV rays. You do not need to be worried about the interior fading away on your recently purchased vehicle. On the other hand, skin concerns and diseases can be painful and chronic.

Additionally, window tints help reduce glare and improve visibility. But it does not mean you opt for extremely dark tints. Tints come in different percentages and you need to make sure there is enough visibility for you to observe the vehicles around you. Otherwise, you are always going to be in danger and might also end up in a serious accident.

DIY Tints Installation?

Installing window tint films might seem easy but it requires skills, experience, special tools, and the right technique. You might have seen installers effortlessly installing car window tints in videos but there are years of experience mastering the craft. The lifespan of window tints depends on the way they are installed.

While installing, it should be made sure there are no air bubbles as it could cause the tint to peel. This is why experts use special tools and techniques to ensure the film bonds properly to the film. Plus, the window tints need some time to cure as well.

The curing process ensures proper bonding. This means the vehicle needs to be parked in an enclosed area to prevent dirt and dust from affecting it. Once the film has been installed, it is left to cure for a few hours, days, or even weeks depending on the weather conditions.

Window tints cure faster in warm temperatures as compared to cold conditions due to moisture. Keep in mind that you will not be able to roll up and down the windows with the newly installed tints. Plus, you cannot park your vehicle out in the open or directly under the sun for some time.

Considering such factors, it is only right that you opt for an expert. It is surely going to cost you additional money but ensures the tints last for years until needing replacement. And, always do your research and get multiple quotes. This way, you will be in a better position to negotiate for a good price.


The dangers of not having window tints are a few. Apart from aesthetic purposes, you should look after your safety, security, and privacy. For that, consult an expert and choose a certified auto tint shop Springfield to get high-quality tints installed properly on your car windows.

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