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10 Outdoor Wedding Planning Mistakes



The popularity of outdoor weddings has surged since 2021. And even when the need for health and safety measures has diminished, outdoor weddings are still popular and so is the popularity of wedding tent rentals.

Couples find them joyous, comforting, and way more aesthetic than the indoor settings. However, you can’t expect a wedding to be a hit just because it’s an outdoor one. You still need to plan beforehand to avoid some potential setbacks.

On this page, we’ve outlined some major wedding planning mistakes to avoid. Scroll through these and see what is something you’re not supposed to do.

Not Getting A Wedding Planner

Firstly, if you’re new to wedding planning, we suggest getting yourself a wedding planner. You might want to arrange everything on your own for your special day, but it’s better to keep the excitement aside and take things seriously.

Weddings, especially outdoor ones, are unique events from birthday parties and other events. There’s a plethora of things one needs to keep in mind. So, you should better let someone who’s an expert at it do this job.

Of course, you can tell the planner about your expectations. Also, you can assist them along. But, don’t attempt to do it all on your own! It’s exhausting and for sure a big risk.

Not Checking The Weather Forecast

It’s going to be a major blunder and to be very honest quite a dumb thing to do if you’re going to avoid the weather forecast. When you’re having an outdoor wedding, the weather is something obvious to check.

Also, no matter how careful and optimistic you’re going to be about the forecast, it can surprise you any minute. Especially, when the odds are not in your favor, expect anything from the scorching heat to rainfall or just anything.

That’s why, experts and famous wedding planners suggest being very careful about the weather and having a plan B beforehand.

Not Updating Your Wedding Planner And Vendors

When it’s your wedding, it’s natural to forget about a lot of details. However, try not to forget about getting along with your vendors and wedding planners. Communicate with them throughout the whole planning process.

You should inform them beforehand if you have something in your mind or you want a plan C as well.

Having A Communication Gap With Guests

As per the wedding planning experts and venue professionals, an outdoor wedding is something that can turn into a major disappointment, if you do not undertake some intricate points of the planning. For instance, your guests should know that either it’s going to be humid or windy at the venue.

This will help them dress properly. Also, they must know the location and the surrounding areas of the venue, at least a month before the actual date. They should know whether there’s going to be public parking near the venue. Or how long they’re supposed to walk from the parking to the venue.

As per the experts, your guests should also know about the venue ground, so they pack shoes accordingly. So, just don’t keep the details to yourself, share them with your loved ones as well, as this will help both of you to create beautiful memories.

Not Having A Sun Shield

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, get ready for the temperature and the humidity to rise. In that case, you must have a shelter arranged for your guests.

And even if it’s not spring or summer, you still need a shield against the sun, because what if the sun is too bright and scorching and your guests can’t stand it? You do not want your guests or yourself to have an unwanted and itchy tan.

Now for that, if you’re having an outdoor wedding in a public park or beach, there are chances for near-site restrooms. However, for a destination outdoor wedding, you must rent tents. Also, some outdoor venues offer indoor space alongside, so that your guests can move inside-out, as per their convenience. We suggest to go though the wedding tent rental packages Clarksburg and choose a good one. This way, the wedding venue won’t only look beautiful but it will also shield the guests from the sun.

Professional Tip: It’ll be a very kind gesture if you keep sunscreens in the goods bucket at a nearby table. After all, you must keep your guests safe and happy.

Not Setting Up Enough Liquid Stations

Your guests can end up dehydrated and tired if you overlook the importance of liquids in your menu. Especially, in outdoor weddings, you need loads of drink options from water to whatever can keep your guests healthy and hydrated.

Make sure to set these liquid stations near easily accessible areas. For instance, near the entrance of your venue or at the beginning of the aisle.

Overlooking The Bugs And Mosquitoes

When you’re having a ceremony surrounded by nature, you can’t just overlook the fact that there are going to be bugs and pests as well. Some uninvited guests, eh!

However, you can’t just let them bother your actual guests. Just imagine how embarrassing that would be if your guests would leave with mosquito bites or bug infections. So, it’s better to have the area sprayed for those bugs or pests beforehand. Also, keep bug spray in the goods basket as it’s a necessity.

Underestimating The Wind

Even if it’s just the normal windy weather and not the strong winds, saying it won’t be a problem is an understatement. For instance, what if you have delicate glassware or candles in the decor? They might not stand the wind.

And there’s a good chance of your loved ones getting hurt or your decor getting disturbed. Therefore, keep an eye on the wind flows as well. Do not hang linen or decor above head, if there’s going to be strong winds.

Not Dressing Up Accordingly

Heavy suits and dresses might look good in the pictures, but they can be suffocating if the temperature goes up. Also, this can lead to sweat, smell, and stained clothes, which are going to appear in the pictures.

Therefore, you must let your guests know and know for yourself as well to dress according to the weather. Also, let your stylist know about the venue location and for how long you’re going to be there, so they use products over you accordingly.

And if it’s a daytime wedding, you can simply just opt for tied hair and natural makeup with comfortable and easy-to-carry dresses. Choose fabric as per the weather. Plus, you can choose to change your dress after the ceremony for a comfortable after-party.

Overlooking A Proper Arrangement

Now this is what we meant when we suggested there should be a proper wedding planner for an outdoor wedding. It is not as simple as going to a park and having a picnic. You don’t just need some tables there, you need a proper arrangement.

This includes renting a tent and setting it up at a proper place, if there’s no indoor space, arranging a parking space, getting a shuttle to transport your guests, if the parking is far from the main ceremony location, hiring bathroom attendants and the list goes on.


As per experts, at the end of the day, it’s all about your comfort. And if you’re someone who gets super anxious about “what ifs,” you might just opt for indoor weddings because outdoor weddings though fun are a lot of planning and micromanagement. But if you’re can take on the challenge, don’t forget to take help from wedding party rentals Northern VA.

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