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How To Plan Your Wedding During The COVID-19 Pandemic



If you had your wedding planned for 2020 along with all the vendors and wedding party rentals, the pandemic might have put a damper onto your plans. But worry not, as there is still a lot that you can do to make sure that your special day is even more special. Let us take a look at a few of these.

Use This Chance To Book Your Favorite Wedding Vendors

With all the weddings for the current year postponed, vendor schedules have been moved to next year and even further, so if you are thinking of waiting until the lockdown lifts to start with booking wedding vendors, think again as by then it might be too late. Right now is the perfect chance to really sit down and research who is the best person to make your dream wedding come true.

Pick Your Jewelry And Other Accessory Design For The Day

Are you set on the wedding jewelry for the day? If not, there is certainly more that you can do to make it the perfect token for exchanging vows on the big day. Moreover, the accessories for your wedding amount to more than just a ring, so make sure to get all of that out of the way as well while we are all sitting at home.

See If You Can Switch Your Wedding To A Different Season

Your wedding plans will change drastically depending on which season your wedding is being held, and sometimes this is for the better. If you have always wanted to have that fall wedding with orange leaves under a tree, or a summer marriage on the beach, now is your chance to do so!

Prepare For Your Wedding Not Just Physically But Mentally Too

People usually tend to rush into their wedding prep as soon as the date is set, and as a result they never get the chance to ponder what the bond actually entails until they are already hitched. But now that you have all the time in the world, think about what it means to be getting married, not just on the day but for the next 60 years, with the person you are tying the knot with. This is also a good chance to get to know each other better to reevaluate your compatibility not just as a couple but as life partners.

Think About All The Logistics Involved With Getting Hitched

If you have only recently gotten engaged and haven’t gotten the chance to think about the long term, now with the pandemic shutting us all down in our homes, is also a good time to do so. If you don’t know where to start, you can look online at wedding journals and tutorials.

See If There Are Any Budget Revisions That You Can Make

Thanks to the pandemic and air travel being affected for the next several months, a lot of your out of town guests would not be able to make it to your wedding, and so it makes sense to want to re-evaluate the expenses you had set for accommodating them, including boarding and catering. You may also want to switch to a smaller venue now that your guest list is considerably trimmed down, and be able to save a good amount of money on that, which you can put back into other areas for making your wedding ideal.

Make Sure That You Are Set On The Theme For Your Wedding

If you hadn’t yet decided on the theme of your wedding, now is a good time to study all the different styles and see which one matches your vibe the most. Some ideas you can borrow from are elegant, rustic, boho chic or whimsical. Once you have that noted down, you can then begin on formulating a proper budget on how to make the theme a reality. This will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

And that is how you can set yourself up for success on your wedding day, perhaps even closer to what you have always imagined your big day to be like during the pandemic. Instead of wallowing in your misery over your postponed wedding, why not make the best of it and do even better? If there are no ceremony restrictions in your area, book a venue, hire tent rentals MD and florists, invite special ones only, and enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony.

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