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All About Basketball Positions



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Are you just starting in basketball? Did you know that there are many basketball positions in the game? Here are the different positions:

Point guard

The position is usually governed by the most powerful player in the game. He is usually the player with the best basketball handling skills and usually recognized as the leader of the team. As the point guard, you should not only be a great shooter, but also a great passer and ball handler. When playing this position, you assist in taking the ball to the basket. You should also be ready to retreat on defense when need be.

If you take a look at most teams, the point guard is usually the shortest player.

Shooting guard

This is the position for the best shooter. To be a great basketball shooter you should be able to make a wide range of shot ranging from bank shots, layups, mid-range jumpers and 3 pointers. You should not only be a great shooter, but also a great dribbler and passer. You should also be able to make your own shots or take shots for another player.

Small forward

It’s the number 3 position and is considered as the most dexterous positions as you juggle a number of skills. For example, you will be required to play as a power forward and also as a shooting guard. According to expert basketball coaches, the position is ideal for players who are lean, quick and short.

Power forward

Also known as the post position, this position requires you to engage in both offense and defense positions. As an offense player, you need to post up with the back facing the basket. You should also be able to do medium jump shots. As a defense player, you should be able to cover under the basket zone.

Basketball experts recommend that this position is ideal for a player with muscles and a little bulk. As mentioned, you should be able to catch passes and at the same time hit shots near the basket.

Center forward

As the center forward, you are also known as “the pivot” as you will be playing near the baseline or near the basket. The position is usually manned by the tallest player in the team.


These are the different basketball positions. To master any position you need to engage in rigorous basketball training. After sometime in the training, you should identify the position that you are good at and engage in basketball drills that will sharpen your skills.

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