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What To Consider When Renovating A Condo



Renovation can give your condo the new look you want. However, proper planning and the help of home addition contractors is needed to complete your condo remodeling on time and within the set budget. So, make sure you consider these things before renovating your condo.

Know The Policies Of Your Condo Board

You must know the rules and regulations set by your condo board so you can plan your condo renovation accordingly. The first thing to check is if the condo board allows renovations and to what extent and which things can be replaced. Moreover, the rules will show you which time and days you can perform the renovation process.

These policies are made to prevent too much noise and obstructions in the condo that might cause problems for other people living in the neighboring condos. So, you must discuss your intent of renovation with a condo board member at least two months before starting the project so your renovation goes as planned.

Decide if You’re Renovating For Yourself Or For Better ROI

Before designing anything or setting the budget, you should decide whether you’re upgrading the space for yourself or you’re renovating for increasing the resale or rental value of the condo. People may want to achieve both, but most renovations lean towards one so it’s best to decide early.

If you’re renovating for a better return on investment, you should focus on upgrades that can bring you that and leave many other details that are not much profitable. Investing in better kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and flooring will give you better resale value.

However, if you’re remodeling for yourself you can spend on features and items that you want in your condo. But it’s better to still decide how long will you be in the condo before the renovation.

For instance, people who won’t see themselves in the same condo in five years should focus on features and items that they can take with them when they leave.

Set The Budget

You will need to set a budget. There should be a balance between what you like and what you spend to get it. If you don’t want your renovation to be paused because of budget problems, set a budget and follow it.

The budget should include the cost of materials, fixtures, plumbing and electrical costs, and other things. You will need the help of a contractor and designer to guide you on which things are needed and what are their costs. The contractor will also lay out the timeline of the project based on the things needed to be remodeled.

Be Smart With Bathroom Renovation

If a condo owner chooses to move the bathroom fixtures, this may become the costliest part of the project. Moreover, you will need to check the rules of the condo board as well if they allow you to move fixtures.

On the other hand, you can use some smart hacks to avoid the expense of moving fixtures while making your bathroom appear better. If you don’t like a fixture where it is, try to shift the focus of the eyes from there. You can install lighting in a way to shift focus from the fixtures that don’t appear beautiful. Moreover, you can also use colors to your advantage. Use one or two best parts of the fixtures of the bathroom bold and colorful to make them the center of attention.

Paint Any Color You Want

Perhaps painting the walls is part of a renovation that you can do even without considering the resale value unless you’re planning to resell or rent the condo immediately after the renovation.

This is because the cost of painting the entire condo will be a small part of the renovation budget so you can play with colors and choose the paint and hues that will make the space more livable and enjoyable for you. When you’re reading to sell or rent the condo, you will be updating the paint to a trendy shade anyway.


Condo remodeling is exciting because you will be updating the space as you like or for a better return on investment. However, try to avoid going over budget by planning carefully. Moreover, hire condo remodel McLean contractors from the beginning of the project for better planning.

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