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Polished Quartz Vs Honed Quartz Countertops



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Choosing a material for your kitchen countertops is hard enough, but you also need to think about the finish of the surface. There are a couple of finishes you can choose from, and here is everything you need to know about the two most sought-after finishes which are honed and polished surfaces of Silestone countertops.

Polished Quartz Countertops

Polished quartz countertops, as the name suggests, are the type of countertops, that have been polished and sanded down to give a lustrous appearance. This look is achieved by grinding down the top surface of quartz countertops with an abrasive material and that’s going to give the material a shiny and glossy appearance.

A lot of people love the look of a shiny quartz countertop and they want it to stay preserved, which is why sealing the countertop becomes necessary. Quartz is naturally shiny already, but it doesn’t stay that way forever, which is why polishing is an extra step that’s done to ensure that the countertops stay that way.

Reflect Light

The main characteristic of polished quartz countertops is that it reflects a lot of light. It almost diffuses the light into the rest of the space and these countertops can actually make your kitchen look more bright and illuminated.

Appearance Of Fingerprints And Smudges

As a drawback, however, polished or shiny quartz countertops tend to show fingerprints and smudges a lot more than an unpolished version and that’s because the light will reflect on these things as well and it’s going to intensify the appearance of anything on the surface of the countertop. This is why these countertops need to be cleaned more vigorously in order to prevent fingerprints and smudges from forming.

Require More Maintenance

As far as maintenance goes, polished countertops need a bit more looking after than other materials, because there are a lot of factors that need to be covered. Firstly, you’ll want to seal the countertops regularly, otherwise, they won’t be water and stain resistant. It is also hard to wipe down smudges from the countertops because the appearance of swipes and smudges on the countertops isn’t the most pleasant.

As far as the polishing aspect is concerned, there is no need to re-sand the countertops again, because quartz, as mentioned previously, is already a lustrous and shiny material so you only need to preserve the natural shine in order to let it stay that way for longer.

Better Water And Stain Resistance

Another plus point of polished countertops is that, because they’re sealed, they become water and stain resistant. Water tends to bead up on the surface of the sealed and polished countertop and any liquid or food particle is also retained on the surface.

You can take a wet washcloth and easily wipe away any remnants of food on the surface of the countertop and call it a day. It’s very easy to clean these countertops as well, because of the lustrous and slippery surface.


The next important factor is the price of the polished quartz countertops. These countertops are not that expensive and they are also readily available in the market. The retailers don’t need to do anything extra, which will cost you, aside from sealing them, which is a great step towards the protection of the countertop.

Other than that, this quartz finish is quite reasonable in price and you won’t have to spend a fortune on getting polished countertops as a countertop replacement Durham NC for your kitchen.

Honed Quartz Countertops

Honed quartz countertops are countertops that have a matte and rough finish. Since quartz isn’t naturally matte and has a lustrous sheen to it, it’s going to be an extra step to shave off that lustrous layer and leave a non-shiny surface behind.

Honed quartz countertops are more preferable because they have a minimal and subtle appearance to them. They don’t overpower the kitchen and instead, the honed texture can neutralize any harsh areas in the space.

They Don’t Reflect Light

This finish of quartz countertops doesn’t reflect a lot of light, so it’s not good to use in smaller and darker kitchens, but if the kitchen space is already big and there’s a lot of natural light, then honed countertops will fit in like a perfect puzzle piece.

Attractive Appearance

Honed surfaces are very three-dimensional and they add a lot of character and depth to the kitchen. The rough appearance of honed countertops is what makes them so unique and attractive.

They Don’t Show Fingerprints And Smudges

A very big advantage of honed quartz countertops is that they don’t show fingerprints or smudges on the surface, because the matte surface doesn’t reflect light at all. The honed countertops are also quite easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about any smudges or specks showing through.

Too Much Moisture Can Affect Its Appearance

Since honed quartz countertops are unsealed, the surface can be prone to water even through quartz is a non-porous surface. This can cause the countertops to get damaged especially if they come in contact with a lot of water or moisture. So, it can be safely said that honed quartz requires a lot more maintenance than its polished counterpart.

There is also a huge risk of stains showing on the surface of these countertops because the rough and matte quart is not able to prevent moisture from seeping into the stone, and that causes rotting of the stone from the inside, chipping, and formation of premature cracks.


As far as price is concerned, honed quartz countertops are generally more expensive than polished quartz. The reason is because of the involvement of the extra step of making the shiny quartz matte and that can take some time and effort.

Also, you’ll need to request the retailer specially for a honed finish on countertops because they’re only made on demand.

The popularity of honed quartz countertops has increased over the years and now they are more preferable to other finishes.

Less Maintenance

Another big advantage of honed quartz countertops is the fact that they are very easily cleaned. You don’t need to invest in special cleaners or need to worry about harsh chemicals and acids present in various countertop cleaners because honed quartz can be easily cleaned with a gentle dishwashing soap or liquid mixed with water.

Since this finish is very forgiving, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often either, but the same can’t be said for the polished variant.

Final Word

Now that you know the main differences between honed and polished quartz countertops, the next question that might pop into your mind, would be: Which one is better for the kitchen? Well, the answer to this question is the matter of your likes and dislikes.

There are several differences between the two finishes of quartz and it can be hard to determine which one is a better choice to opt for, but there are also different criteria on which you can select a certain finish.

If you want a low-maintenance countertop with that characteristic sheen to be a highlight in your kitchen, then a polished finish is what you want to opt for. If you’re looking for an edgy yet rustic finish that’s easy to clean and is no fuss, then honed quartz will do wonders for your kitchen.

The type of finish you choose for quartz kitchen countertops NC solely depends on your preference. Some people prefer non-shiny surfaces, while some prefer glossy and lustrous countertops.

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