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Can I Get Hair Extensions for My Curly Hair



Even though curly hair looks pretty, they consume a lot of your time, energy, and money. It is because as compared to straight hair, curly hair is difficult to tackle with. If you are a curly hair person, you definitely know the struggle. Out of all the things, growing curly hair long is one of the difficult tasks. Even when they sometimes do grow out long, but still they don’t apparently look long, duh! That’s obviously because of the fact that curly hair looks shorter than their actual length due to the curls. So now what’s the solution? Apparently, you can try salons that do hair extensions for curly hair. But you may be wondering now, how you can get to find perfect hair extensions that match your curls. Therefore, down below, I have gathered all the information you need to know about curly hair extensions. So, here’s how you can help yourself.

When You Should Consider Getting Hair Extensions

If you’re not happy with the length and volume of your hair, then you can consider getting hair extensions. Even if they’re pretty safe to use, you must still take care of your natural hair while applying hair extensions. Therefore, it is better to seek the help of a expert hairstylist who’s familiar with installing hair extensions. This would help in avoiding any future issues, such as tension and soreness.

Types Of Hair Extensions For Curly Hair

There are mainly two types of hair extensions, tape-ins, and clip-ins. I personally would recommend clip-in hair extensions because of the freedom they provide you and their easy installing. Plus, you can’t use many products on tape-in hair extensions, not even a conditioner.

But it is all your choice, whatever you’re comfortable in. Many people prefer using tape-in hair extensions. So, it’s all trying and experimenting, what is made for you and what is not.

The Kind Of Hair You Should Have To Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

They make hair extensions for all kinds of curly hair. But, if you want to know exactly how long your hair should be to install clip-in hair extensions, then they must be 4 to 5 inches long from the scalp. It would help to blend the extensions with natural hair perfectly.

What If You Want To Change The Color Of The Extension Or To Cut Them?

If you don’t find the exact color of the extensions or you want to change the color, you can do so. But, to do it in a better way, you should ask for a professional stylist’s help. It is because coloring curls is not like coloring straight hair, it is tricky. And if you’re going to overdo it, you might ruin your hair extensions.  Also, if you’re not liking the length, you can cut it in your way, but with a professional’s help only.

How You Can Wash Your Hair Extensions

Curly hair demand extra care. So, even if you’re washing the extensions with high-end products, you still need to be careful about them. Plus, make sure your hair and the extensions are dry before you reinstall them, as this will protect your scalp from extra tension. The best way is to let your extensions air dry.

Moreover, it is better to occasionally wear extensions, as it is right for your natural hair’s health. But, if you’re a person who wears extensions daily, you should wash them at least once a week and refresh them with water in between.

When Not To Wear Hair Extensions

You can wear hair extensions all day long and every day. But it is better to remove them before sleeping. Otherwise, you’ll wake up with a lot of tension on your scalp or might get a headache. Plus, the extensions will get entangled.

The Installation Process

This step is everything, if you get the application right, it’s a win-win for you. And as I mentioned earlier, you should seek the help of a professional to do it better. But you should also have an idea of how to install the clip-ins. So, you make sections of your hair first and then install extensions based on your head type. Generally, the longest extension goes on the bottom and the shortest on the top. And you apply the extensions in horizontal lines. Again, if it’s confusing, get them done from a hair extensions salon Potomac.

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