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A quick guide to hair extensions



Pixie haircuts are currently in the fashion. While they might look cute and all, they do not really stand a chance against long locks and loose waves. The best part is that you do not even need amazing genes in order to have long locks. Rather, all that you need to do is to visit a reliable hair salon and voice your requirements to them.

How do you think Hollywood celebrities are rocking a pixie cut one day and showing up with long locks on the red carpet the other day? Well, the secret to this rapid change is hair extensions. Hair extensions are considered to be extremely useful for those women who want to try and experiment with their hair. On the brighter side, this can be done without actually damaging your original hair, unlike a range of other hair treatments.

What should you know about hair extensions?

Well, when it comes to hair extensions, there is a wide variety of options in the salons out there. Usually, there are three top methods that hair salons use. These include the following”

Fusion hair extensions

In this type of extensions, individual strands tipped with keratin are fused on the natural hair with the use of heat.

Tape-in hair extensions

In this process, wefts of individual hair strands are attached to the natural hair using double sided tape or similar adhesive.

Weave hair extensions

The natural hair is braided from ear to ear. After that, wefts are woven on to the hair using threads, on the original braids.

Human hair or synthetic hair?

When you go out to purchase hair strands for your extensions, there are two choices that you have. Firstly, you could either buy human hair, or synthetic hair. The ultimate price would obviously vary greatly depending on how good the hair is. Some hair can cost several hundreds of dollars jut for a few bunch. These are usually the higher end hair strands that are preserved for the long-term.

In comparison to preserved human hair, synthetic hair can be a little bit cheaper due to the ease of manufacturing. However, they can sometimes result in a rather synthetic look. After all, they are not real hair.

However, if you are tight on budget, synthetic hair can actually do wonders for you. If done right, synthetic hair will look just good as real hair and nobody will be able to tell the difference. At times, you yourself will not find any difference!

Cutting and styling

It is important for good hair treatments to be totally undetectable. In this regard, your natural hair should totally blend in with the extensions. In this regard, a great haircut is extremely important. So, after you are done with the hair extensions procedure, your hair stylist is likely to give you a nice haircut to blend everything in.

In order to avoid an over processed look, it is better to choose a shade that is closer to your natural hair shade. Avoid choosing shinier hair strands that are actually coated with silicone, and will lose their shine later on anyway.

Ending note

So, are hair extensions even worth it? Well, they might be quite worth it for those who are looking for a good change without getting a chemical treatment. At the same time, if also allows women to practice and experiment with different hair colors to see which one suits them the most. Ultimately, hair extensions have brought a big convenience to women, especially those who love styling their hair. So in case you are among them, visit a hair extensions salon right away, to give yourself a nice sleek look!

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