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How To Plan A Customer Appreciation Event



On 18th of April, numerous companies offer markdowns in their product for their customers to show their appreciation towards them. Many people host events through corporate tent rentals and party organizers on the national customer appreciation day. But as customer guests aren’t the same as guests you would normally invite at a party, the planning has to be a little different. And to help you with that here are a few tips to aid you with customer appreciation event planning.

Schedule a Day

Now, you may think that since national customer appreciation day is usually celebrated on the 18th of April that bound you to host an event like this on that particular date. In truth, you can host the event as many times as you please.

You can have it once a year or as many times as you wish. The key is to schedule your appreciation day celebration event considering your employees availability and your financial stance. Also, you need to make sure that the event tent rentals are available to provide you party equipment during whatever day of the week.

Before the holidays is a brilliant time to host such event as it reflects your care and concern for your customers. They will not only be loyal toward your company even more but also give you far more than you would anticipate. This gives you all the more reason to celebrate customer appreciation day. You can also express your gratitude towards them in many more ways. For instance, by giving customer discounts on their birthdays or offering deals that will satisfy them.

Promote As Much As Possible

It is very important for you to promote the event through whatever sources your company has at hand. You can get your sales team to inform their clients about it. Put up ads in newspapers and magazines, a billboard would be great too. If your clients are left unaware of theirs event they will not only feel missed out from an important event but also their loyalty towards your company will diminish.

Spending On Promotion

You would need to set an appropriate budget for the event as well as the promotion team carefully as to get the message across to the right people. Your budget primarily depends on the profit that you are making in your business and reach the expectation of the clients for giveaways and discounts.

For example, if you own a showroom of luxury cars, the giveaway that you plan on offering your clients better be just as grand too. But if you own a small bakery, you would obviously have to tone down on the budget, and something as simple as a buy-one-get-one-free offer would be enough.

Also, the promotion team would obviously be paid accordingly. For a company that has many stakeholders, the promotion would need to more than just a newspaper ad. While a salon with not a lot of profit can promote through social media and the clients would not feel obliged to question your promotions.

When Low On Budget

When you have a low budget you can still host a party or express your gratitude to your customers by writing handwritten letters, addressing them personally to make them feel important and appreciated. You can give shoutouts on social media for being such amazing customers or even offer markdowns in prices for a specific product line.

Host a Festive Party

A party that is inclusive of children and adults alike will create a festive environment combined with just the right elements of fun. A festival-like event will not only create an exuberant environment but engage your clients in activities that will strike their interest immensely in your products.

For instance, games that many people could compete in and the winner gets a free give away. The clients are free to celebrate in any way they wish. Just be careful to host a party considering who the guests are. If people are coming in families then you better host a kid-friendly party, with engaging games, festive foods, inexpensive affair, balloons, snacks, music etc. Party and tent rentals Rockland NY are excellent option when hosting a festival party.

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