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Why should you buy heat pumps and furnaces in spring/fall?



So, it has been a while since you changed your heat pump. But now, you are considering changing it? If that is true, then you may wonder when the best time is to change your heat pump. Well, according to HVAC companies, this depends on a number of different factors.

And in this article, we are going to discuss all these possible factors with you. If you want to upgrade or replace your furnace with a new one, know that the best time to do this is either during Spring, or during the end of the fall season.

The main reason is that most people tend to buy their HVAC systems during the winter or summer months. And hence, the prices of these systems during this time to increase a lot. So, you will have to pay higher if you buy them during the summer or the winter season.

In comparison, during the spring or fall season, you will have better weather conditions, better discounts, and overall higher value.

Why buy furnaces and heat pump during fall/spring?

Now, let us discuss all the benefits of buying a furnace or heat pump in the spring or fall season.

Better discounts

Well, the first reason is that you get better discounts on these devices during the fall/spring season. Furthermore, during this season, heat pumps and furnaces tend to be far more cost-effective. In comparison, if you buy them during the winter and summer season, expect to pay high prices.

Along with that, most people also prefer to get their routinely hvac inspection during the spring or fall season. This is when companies that do inspections give you better discounts. After all, the business is low and hence, there is a lot of room for negotiations.

In comparison, these companies become extremely busy during the peak seasons. And hence, they will charge you higher-prices in the season.

Better options for scheduling

You see, buying a heat pump or furnace is one thing. However, installing it is another. As a layman, you cannot possible install a heat pump or a furnace on your own. For this, you will need the help of a professional who knows how to install them properly.

Improper installation can actually render your heat pump system and can decrease its efficiency. So, make sure that you are taking help from the best experts in the field.

In the spring and fall season, you can easily get appointments from the top heat pump installers. However, in the peak season, these companies give very specific appointments and there really is no flexibility in the timings because of the workload.

Higher value

Lastly, during the spring and fall season, you can easily spend time without heating or cooling. Hence, this is the best way to get installation, repairs, replacements, and inspections. But during the peak season, it will be very difficult for you and your family to spend time without cooling/heating.

After all, repairs, replacements, and installations can sometimes take days. And during the peak winter and summer seasons, the companies are already too busy.


The above-mentioned reasons are enough to convince you that spring/fall is the best time to get heat pump or heat furnace installation. This also applies to other HVAC devices including air-conditioners. So, make sure that you are following these tips for the best value.

Along with that, heat pumps and furnaces can be expensive. So, make sure that you are only letting the most skilled furnace services Falls Church handle your devices. This way, you do not have to worry about any damages and can expect the best service.

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