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Signs to remove a tree in your house



Trees are considered to be the shields of protection on your property. They are no less than masterpieces by mother nature, and that too within your backyard. Indeed, there is no doubt that trees are comforting, beautiful, and can also feel like family sometimes. So, sometimes, it is difficult to consider getting trees removed from your property. However, at times, trees pose a great risk to you and those around you. This I when you need to reach out to tree services in our area as soon as possible.

Sometimes, when trees die out, it is not apparent in the very first look. However, this tree can fall at any moment resulting in property damage. Furthermore, it can also be quite fatal for you and your family.

Now, diagnosing a dead tree is a task that involves two people. Both your arborist and you will be working together to determine if the tree is hazardous or not.

Signs that it is time to remove a tree

In this article, we put together a number of things that you can do you check if your tree is dead. In case you see any of these signs, know that it is time to remove the tree.

These include:


Sometimes, decay producing fungi becomes very apparent on the tree. This results in the growth of mushrooms like organisms near the trunk’s base. When this happens, it is a sign that your tree is dying. So, make sure that you get the problem solved right away. However, this is not a definite sign because decaying fungi could also come from other causes. Only an arborist will be able to tell whether the tree is alive or dead.

Peeling bark

Sometimes, you may notice that after years, some cracks may start developing in the tree’s trunk. Alternatively, you may also notice peeling in the bark. Sometimes, you will also notice that the bark is chipping. This is a definite sign that a tree is getting weaker and weaker. However, it does not certainly mean that the tree is dead yet. This just means that it is in the process of dying on.

Hanging branches

Hanging branches are a confirmed sign of a damaged tree. Usually, trees that are nearing the end of their lifecycle. Usually, these branches will start hanging down at the upper end of the crown.

Finer twigs

Another common symptom of a dying tree is that the twigs start getting finer, and there are no living buds near the branches end. In case you are noticing this pattern in a tree, notice that it is dying. Before it is too late and the tree falls off in a thunderstorm, make sure that you have called in an arborist for a detailed check-up of the tree. An arborist will be able to tell you exactly what is going on and whether you tree has to be removed or not.

Ending note

Removal of a tree is a complex process. This is something that a layman cannot do because of the sheer number of complexities involved. Hence, it is a job that only tree cutting services Bethesda can perform. For your own safety, we suggest you to not to try cutting your tree on your own. Furthermore, when you hire a tree service, make sure that the company is certified. Along with that, a professional arborist will wear all the necessary personal protection gear when cutting a tree. So, do inquire about their procedure in order to figure out if the company is professional or not. For the best service, never rely on an unprofessional company.

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