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What Are The Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Removal



Trees are a gift of nature to humans. They live to provide fresh air, which is essential to the ecosystem. However, in some cases, you might require tree storm damage removal as they threaten the safety and security of the surrounding. Therefore, let’s take a look at some signs that will help you determine if you need emergency tree removal. Let’s begin!

Weather Disaster-Related Damages

The first thing that could point towards an emergency tree removal service is weather disaster-related damages. Regardless of how strong the trees are in your backyard or the surroundings, they can still be easily damaged due to extreme rainfall, thunderstorms, winds, etc. In addition to that, lightning can also cause serious damage to the trees and their branches. And in the worst cases, the trees and branches can fall off, damaging your valuable items and the property of the neighbors.

Therefore, if you notice that your tree is not able to withstand extreme weather conditions anymore and is tilting to one side, you should immediately call emergency tree removal services to help bring down the tree. This is particularly the case when it comes to relatively larger trees that can easily damage valuable items, and expensive properties and even lead to serious injuries if they were to fall in areas that experience human traffic.

The Tree Looks Sick Or Diseased

Trees can carry several different types of diseases depending on their type, weather conditions, etc. Some conditions thrive in the summer season while others occur in autumn, spring, etc. Therefore, if you are conscious of the trees in your surroundings, you should be aware of the diseases as well to help them recover.

Otherwise, if the trees are ignored and left to die, do not be surprised if they begin leaning to one side or easily uproot upon extreme thunderstorms. When trees become sick, they turn weak and their branches begin to fall off. In addition to that, the diseases could also spread to other trees and might also attract pests and infections, etc.

This is why it is important in such cases to consult an arborist who will help determine the root cause of the disease along with the remedy. Viruses, fungi, and pests can easily kill trees from the inside, which mostly leads to removal as the only option.

The Roots Or Branches Of The Tree Threaten Your Home’s Structure

If you observe that a branch is hanging close to your home’s structure, you will need to get it removed immediately. Even though you should make sure that the trees are regularly pruned, if not, you will need to remove the branches before they can damage the windows, roof, etc.

And the same is the case with the tree roots that can come too close to your home. Since roots retain water, the structure of your house can easily become weak over the years as it is exposed to moisture. Therefore, instead of dealing with expensive repairs down the road, it is better to maintain the trees and keep them clear of any threatening parts.

You Are Selling Your House

If you are planning to sell your home, you will need to make sure that the landscaping surrounding your property is well looked after. Your front and backyards should consist of properly maintained and pruned plants along with the trees. The reason is that if potential buyers come across poorly maintained trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. they are most likely to think that the property is not looked after, which will bring down the price.

With that said, you should hire professionals to remove dead branches and trees to keep the property secure and safe without having to worry about damages or injuries especially when extreme weather conditions turn up.

Final Word

Diseased, snapped or broken trees are going to need emergency tree removal services. However, keep in mind that you should opt for licensed emergency tree services Chevy Chase that carry out the task with extreme care and minimum risks involved. Removing a tree is a dangerous task and can turn deadly within seconds. Therefore, consider the emergency tree removal signs mentioned above to have peace of mind when there is a storm coming.

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