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How To Keep Your House Warm When Your Heat Pump Breaks Down



A broken heating system or boiler during the dead of winter is not a good thing at all. In this bone chilling weather, here are some things you can do to keep yourself warm when your heating system has decided to break down until you find a heat pump repair service.

Wear Warm Clothes

this tip is a no brainer but you will need to do it, if your heating system decides to ditch you at the last moment in the freezing cold weather. Wear thick clothes and don’t be afraid to layer up. Wear layers of clothes to keep your body warm and if you feel even more cold, you can wear gloves and socks to complete the layered look. Warm clothes are great because they trap in heat and keep your body warm. If you want, you can also use thermal vests and put something warm on top of the thermal vest. A thermal vest will also keep you warm during this chilly season.

Keep The Rooms Closed

Ventilation helps to keep your rooms cold, which is great during the summers, but in winters, the last thing you need is ventilation. Always keep your doors and windows closed, to keep the chilly air out. This will keep your room and surrounding areas warm. You don’t need any extra chilly air in your rooms when it is cold outside. This will only increase the chilliness and you will start to shiver in no time. So, say no to ventilation when it’s freezing outside and keep all of the opening doors and windows closed during winters. Consider insulating your house to prevent cold air entering your house.

Don’t Just Sit There

This is a fact. You will feel more cold and chilly if you just sit in one place. Try to sit up and move your body. This will increase blood circulation in your body and the areas which are feeling numb and chilly will be given blood and they will begin to feel warm. Always try to be active during the winter and if you start feeling cold, then just move your feet around the house and you will see the difference instantly. Who says you need to be bundled up to get rid of the chill? But perform mild exercise that doesn’t cause sweating.

A Warm Cup Of Tea

The best way to give yourself a warm hug, is to prepare a nice hot beverage. Hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate are just some of the many indulgent hot beverages which will soothe your cold and stick to your bones. So, during the winter when your heating unit breaks down, prepare a nice big cup of a hot beverage or even a hot bowl of soup and soothe your soul with this piping hot bowl of goodness. You will instantly feel warm and the cold will not bother you.

Cover The Floors

If your floors tend to get very cold during the winter months and you don’t have a heating system or any type of system to keep your floors toasty and warm, then you can go ahead and put rugs on the floor. Rugs will act as heat trappers and your floors will be warm in no time. Especially if you have a habit of trotting around barefoot in your house, then rugs are a great addition to keep your feet warm. If you want, you can also wear thick socks to provide a barrier between your feet and the cold floor.

Use The Oven

This tip might sound weird, but it’s worth a try. If you want natural warmth in your room, then you can fire up the oven. The oven will transfer heat from the kitchen to the entire house and keeping it on for several hours can toast up your room to a nice and comfortable warmth. Keep the oven door open to let the warmth seep through the house. This will also keep the surrounding floors and walls warm and you will feel nice and cozy in your house, even during this bone chilling weather.

There you have it! These tips will help to keep you warm. However, try to contact HVAC companies huntington so they can arrive at your home and fix the heating system as soon as possible.

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