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Prevent A Kitchen Remodeling Disaster By Avoiding These Mistakes



Perhaps the most expensive part of your house when getting remodel done is your kitchen. But if you look at it from an optimistic point of view then you are actually investing your money for higher future returns. Kitchen remodeling increases the value of your home and you get more value of your home when you sell it.

Sometimes in the excitement of remodeling your kitchen, you tend to make certain mistakes that then cannot be undone and you are left with no choice but to accept the kitchen with the mistake or then spend more money to rectify it. However, we have compiled the top mistakes that homeowners make while renovating their kitchen which increases the budget, so you may avoid them.

Not Getting A 3D Model Made

This is the 21st century and you cannot just rely on paper and pencil when you can actually see the 3D-designed model of your kitchen live. You can twist and turn the model and see it from all angles and add or subtract the changes and turn it into your dream kitchen. You will also get an exact idea of how much space is getting utilized and left.

Purchasing Your Huge Expensive Appliances Last

The biggest mistake which you can make also puts a big dent in your pocket. You should always purchase your big appliances such as your fridge, freezer, washing machine, and dishwasher and decide on a place for them in your kitchen. Sometimes after the remodeling, they do not match with the interior of the kitchen and their placement does not look appealing.

Not Utilizing And Using Storage Wisely

Your kitchen is the main area of the house where you cook for your family. You have 100s of things to store in your kitchen and many more to come in the future. Plan out spaces wisely and properly keeping in mind each and every thing. Your pots, pans, storage boxes, chinaware, glass dishes, cutlery, machinery, and many things. Make sure you have extra storage space as well.

Settling For Less

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you have all the options available to design and construct as per your needs and wants. Do not settle less for the basics such as you will need all the counter space for the preparation of your meals so a small counter space will not be sufficient. The same goes for the sink as you will need a big sink to wash the dishes.

Too Much Of Everything

Too much cabinets, decor, and appliances will make your kitchen stuffy and overcrowded and you will not have ample leg space. While too little stuff and fewer storage spaces will make your kitchen look awkward and underutilized. So, create a balance in your kitchen.

Not Taking Expert Opinion

Looking at 100s of YouTube videos, DIY hacks for the kitchen remodel, and utilizing your sense of decor will not make you an expert in kitchen remodeling or renovation. By no means you can compare yourself to an expert and hence you are bound to make mistakes.

The biggest mistake you make is realizing your mistake in between remodeling and then correcting the mistake between the renovation. Always take help from an expert, ask their opinions, what should go where, how you can do maximum renovation on a limited budget, how to enhance the aesthetic, and change your kitchen completely.

Neglecting The Lighting

There are 3 types of lighting used for your kitchen; one used to light up the whole kitchen, second is used for certain segments and target places of the kitchen, such as on top of the stove, on top of the dining table, on top of the breakfast or coffee table and third to highlight the cutlery in the cabinets pr inside the cabinets or over the counter. Neglecting any one of them will lose the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and will not let it stand out.

Final Word

The major thing about a kitchen remodel is to look at the bigger picture and imagine your kitchen as a whole. Consider the walls, the color combination, the flooring, the lighting, the design, the storage, and the whole kitchen and then you have succeeded. Take advice from expert kitchen remodelers to prevent disasters. aio

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