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What Are The Stages Of Building A Pool



Most people would love to have a swimming pool in their back or front yard. However, it is the process that keeps them skeptical. You might have come across various pool building projects and wondered what goes on in building one before consulting pool contractors. So, let’s take a look at the basic steps that will help you become familiar with the project. Let’s begin!

Layout & Design

The first step of the process is layout and design. You will need to contact an architect and share your ideas about the pool design. Next, the architect will draw the layout on 3D software and share suggestions to make the overall project look better.

Once you are done finalizing the layout and design, the architect will visit the area where the pool will be built. Then, markers will be used to create a layout and help the excavation crew dig up the site. This step can take a few days to weeks depending on the area of the pool and the dimensions.

The Dig

Now that the layout has been created. The excavation crew will visit with their heavy machines and begin digging out the area. This will be an exciting process for the kids. Plus, you will witness the groundwork of installing a pool in your house in front of your eyes.

Then again, the process can take a while, so you need to be patient. One of the reasons is that the contractor might need to acquire some permits that will add to the overall duration of the project.

Steel Installation

The next step is steel installation. This step can approximately take two days and is the most important part of the process as it lays the foundation of the pool. If anything goes wrong here, the steps will need to be repeated and that will require additional labor and costs.

Plumbing And Electrical

Once the steel is installed, it is time to do the plumbing and electrical tasks. Plumbing is yet another important factor, which maintains pool circulation. The level of its complexity depends on the type of features you have opted for in the pool.

At the same time, everything that you have opted for such as the deck jets, therapy jets, and sheer descent will be installed in this step. The contractor may need some permits for this step as well, so do not be surprised if you have to wait a little longer for the pool to complete.

Shotcrete & Decking

The next three days will be spent on the pool-building process, where pressurized concrete will be poured into the pool steel frame according to your design. Once the concrete has been poured, it will take a few days for it to completely dry.

Upon the concrete drying up, the tile setter will begin laying down the tiles. This process takes comparatively a lot of time and effort as every inch needs to be covered. If the design of the pool is unique, you can give or take a week for the process to complete.

Interior Finish & Pool Startup

Now, it comes down to interior finishing and pool startup. The interior finishing will include all the final touches and features that you opted for. The most important part of this step is applying a concrete coating to the floor and walls of the swimming pool.

And finally, it is time to start up the pool and add some water. During the testing phase, a technician will check the electrical and other important features to make sure everything is working perfectly. At the same time, the expert will check for leakages as well. Chlorine will be added to the water and the testing will continue for a day or two until you can jump in with your loved ones.

Final Word

Considering the advancement in technology and techniques, building a pool nowadays is not even slightly difficult. However, if it is your first time, make sure you go through the steps mentioned above and communicate with a pool builder to get the pool of your dreams. Make sure you get advice from experts because you may like one material but the climate and the design would suit better with another pool material.

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